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    01.01.08 @ 11:21 AM
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    Default Weird Month So Far

    Well Im Finally Back
    let me fill you in on what has happend to me in the last 3 weeks.
    3 weeks ago today i went home with a bad cold thought nothing about it.
    the next day i go to school but when i get home i have very sharp pains in my stomach, terrible pains, i wait 3 hours till my parents get home and they drove me to the hospital.
    They rush me into emergincy but i still have to wait 2 hours for the surgeon to look at me turns out my appendix was about to burst.
    so i had surgery and guess what, they took it out in the nick of time.
    due to a little infection i stayed in the hospital for a week.
    i get home for 2 days and everything is fine then i go in for a check up and turns out due to the cold ahead of time i got pnemonia.
    all this happens right before my last weeks of high school before i graduate, but my school didnt have to much compassion for me and im writing my exams but im fine with that.
    Its been a weird couple of weeks.

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    02.02.11 @ 08:19 PM
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    dude!!! this may sound fucking weird, but im going through something similar.... this is my graduating year as well and about a month and a half ago i started getting really bad nausea. it came back 3 days in a row, i thought it was just the flu and thought nothing of it, but it got worse and worse, to a point where i was bed ridden for a week. i went to the doctors several times. at first, he said it was just a stomach infection and i'd be better within a week. a week passed i felt a little better, but that weekend it came back. so i went back to the docs and they said maybe it was anxiety related. but they did a bunch more tests, stomach x rays, blood, ultrasounds etc. and said it was nothing physical, so it must be a mental thing. well again... days passed (ive missed so much school and work) and the sickness came back, so i went for another ultrasound and yesterday the doc calls me saying it was urgent and he needs me in to talk about my results. now this fucking guy is all laid back and he tells me they found a spot on my pancreas, a block spot in the ultra sound. and i was so scared i thought it was cancer or something. and he said not to worry he doesnt THINK its cancer. im praying it isnt man. im still scared. this sickness, whatever it is, has fucking ruined my graduating year of high school. ill always remember this year for being sick. its fucking ridiculous, this kind of shit always happens to me. i just want to stop feeling sick all the time and i want it to be nothing. i guess i kind of know how youre feeling man. so get better dude!
    "Some low life flathead scum infects, the sickness in his eyes reflects, you wonder why your life is screaming, wonder why we're humans being."

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