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    Default Floyd/Trem mounting (distances and tools, Drilling holes)

    I'm building my first axe, and yes, it's going to be a 5150 replica, unless I change my mind anytime soon.

    For the guys who have built one before, I've come across some conflicting information as far as measurements. In one of Erlewine's books, he recommends 25'' from nut to centerline of pivot points. On StewMac, they recommend 25 1/6" from nut to centerline.

    Anyone else run into this, or able to shed some light on it? When it comes to intonation, I'm not willing to compromise, although every guitarist has to no matter how accurate the scale is. I'm just wondering if I should go for the 25" or add the 1/6"?

    Also, a drill press is recommended for most mounting holes. My question is, if I'm not able to use a drill press, would I be alright using a hand operated drill?

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