Do you think its about time Van Halen give fans what they've been waiting for all these years: A tour, a new record, new music with none other than...David Lee Roth. Its been 21 years since Roth has been with Van Halen(excluding 1996, he wasnt really with them.) I saw the Hagar tour last year, and it kicked ass. But if rumors of a last tour are true, who better to do it with than Roth, the guy who lead them to fame, bringing back the original lineup for one last tour? I believe feuds between the guys and him can be put aside for a year of touring. Im a Sammy Hagar era fan at heart, but dont you think the guy who started it all should end it? Thats why im starting the Bring Dave Back! group. If you agree with anything ive said, put yourself in this thread.