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    Default "Fretboard Logic" FAQ on EVH

    I've been working my way through Fretboard Logic SE, self-promoted as the #1 Best Selling Guitar Book on Amazon.

    I ventured over to their site,, and found an interesting article about Ed in thier FAQ.

    I am a huge Eddie Van Halen fan and have, for some time, been trying to unlock the "secret" of his style. I own Curt Mitchell's "In the Style of" Eddie Van Halen video, found it interesting, but not all that insightful. My question for you is this: As I understand Ed's approach toward improvisation/soloing, he uses symmetrical patterns more than traditional scales/modes, if not exclusively. Can you offer any insight into how he constructs his symmetrical patterns, how he knows what patterns will work where, and how he has mapped out the fretboard w/ these patterns? There must be some logic to his solo approach.

    I too have studied Mr. Van Halen's playing style, but I would not be willing to venture too many generalizations about his approach. The reason is because he is versatile and does many different things well. I would describe him as a very inventive player, and further say he broke a few molds in his day. He had phenomenal technique which he worked on every day. He did not, however, possess a right hand fingerstyle technique, but had such mastery of the pick style that he often found workarounds for his limitations. The tremolo effect in Little Guitars is an example. He called it "cheating." I call it clever and inventive. If you pick a player who has less range than Mr. Van Halen, I may make some generalizations about aspects of his or her approach, but not him. He did too many different things - well. I will say that he pushed himself pretty hard right from the start. He experimented, composed, took risks, practiced and did all the things a professional musician should do, and became a bona fide rock star. I think he copied his predecessors at first, but soon realized that he'd only make it if he found a new way of approaching things. If you want that kind of success, my recommendation is that you start writing songs and playing in clubs, and constantly try to better your last effort in each case. And don't let up. As far as fretboard patterns are concerned. I doubt you'll hear any used on Mr. Van Halen's albums that aren't already somewhere in the the Fretboard Logic series, and that includes symmetrical forms or three-note-per-string forms. (I won't say that's all he used, because I know it isn't.) But, if you know the fretboard forms in FL well, you'll start to recognize them in guitar pieces - his and other guitarist's as well. Look for the easiest way to do things, and you'll find the form most likely used. The important thing is HOW they get used. Knowing the forms is just one piece of the puzzle - the part relating to left hand technique. There are many other puzzle parts which go into hit guitar songs. That is the subject of the Applications sections of FL: Vol. III and the videos. Learning to recognize all the elements in the equation and being able to control and vary them is the thing.

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    Cool read...thanks!

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