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    Default Sometimes I have to laugh

    I know VH is different than any other band, but sometimes I wonder what others think of it. When I go to and see the stuff on there I am like "God, these bands are still together and have fans?" I don't want to compare VH to other 80's bands that are jokes...but sometimes people don't see the difference. Back in the late 90's I tried to let some punk ass kids listen to some VH...they just laughed and said that it was outdated and that Korn is where it is who is laughing. I am amazed to see the ages of some of the people posting here...VH will carry on.

    It's been 20 years, 20 YEARS since Dave left, yet there are arguments everyday...and they make me laugh.

    I guess to make point even more unclear, I would laugh at any guy walking down the street with an 80's band t-shirt on, yet I were VH t's all the time. I am sure people laugh at me, but it is because of the way I look, not the VH t...I dunno and more over..who cares

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blount5150
    It's been 20 years, 20 YEARS since Dave left, yet there are arguments everyday...and they make me laugh.
    And that, IMO, is proof to how important and influential VH was and still is. 20 years since Dave left and people still debate Dave v.s Sammy etc.. I can't think of another band that still ignites these type of debates. So many people want their Van Halen even after so long.

    They get lumped into the 80's band thing because they sparked it. Sure they weren't even close to hair rock or whatever you want to call it but, they started it. Eddie made guitar solo's importnat. The 80's metal scene was all about sex, drugs and rock and roll, and no one combined those elements better than VH. They're arguably the only band to play fun, good time music that dosen't take itself too seriously and still be musically relevant and important.

    All the kids today that don't know or care about VH have no idea the impact they had on the bands they love. Whenever I see a dude wearing a 80's band t-shirt, I love it. There's a guy who dosen't give a shit who's the new flavor of the month is, he's loyal to the music he's into, and thus true to himself.

    VH will eventually be recognized for what they've done. The reason they haven't already is because they managed to stay on top of the charts for so long. They didn't burn out early and make just the one big splash; like the Sex Pistols or Nirvana. That staying power made them a rock band moer than a classic rock band. Most classic rock bands had their day in the sun while Van Halen sold million of records with each release, and still pack wherever they play; and that kept them "new" for a lot of people.
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