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    Default Opinion on choosing a crash cymbal. . .

    I have been playing drums for about 7 years now.I have gone through many crashes and none have seemed to withstand my playing.I've played on Sabian,Zildjian's,and Paiste's.I currently have a Paiste RUDE 19" Crash/Ride and a RUDE 16 " Crash/Ride.I love the sound of the Paiste 2002 Crashes,but many people have said that they will break easy.Alex seems like one of the heaviest hitters around and he plays these crashes.Does anyone have one?If so how tough are they?Also can you recommend any other crashes?

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    I don't own 2002s (Paiste Alphas here), but I have played them. My opinion is if you're repeatedly breaking cymbals, you're either hitting them too hard or using bad technique. I'm fan of medium-thin to medium weight cymbals. Thin cymbals are too dark for me and even though I've never cracked a cymbal, I would be worried I would overplay a thin crash trying to get more volume out of it. Thick cymbals are too bright for me and I'm one of those who believes thicker cymbals are no more durable than thinner cymbals. Their thickness makes them more rigid which makes them prone to cracking. Medium-thins/mediums sound best to my ears, plus they're not too flimsy and not too rigid. There's a good article on about correct playing technique. It seems like pretty common sense stuff, but you would be surprised at how many good drummers have bad technique. 2002s are GREAT cymbals. If you choose the right weight/size crash for your style and play it correctly, it should last you a lifetime.
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    The 2002's are great. Yes I do own the 16, 18,19 and 20's and wow those things are beautiful. They are well worth the money and with proper technique should last you a life time(or a really long time at that).



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