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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Just got the new Guitar World Magazine in the mail. Has a great interview with both Sam & Dave, about upcoming tour, and the VH brothers. Last part of the interview is all about them rip'in on the VH brothers and basically how disfunctional they are, and can't believe what they've done to the once mighty VH. Dave still says reunion is inevitable at some point in time. Sam says it won't ever happen with either him or dave. They both go on to say that no communication has gone on what's so ever between either of them, with the VH brothers. Strange that is the case, seeing how Mikey pals around with Sam these days. My opinion is that Mikey isn't speaking with them very often as well, even though I beleive he is still very much a part of VH. Sam says the brothers have problems that neither of them understands. Sam says it might be because "Eddie's real ill". Dave says that; "what is going on with them(VH brothers)is emotional and medical as well as spiritual."This interview was obviuosly done before Eddie made his May 7th announcement of being cancer free. Still sounds like these two are still very bitter about the break-ups and are both pushing equally for a reunion in thier own publically distorted way. It just might work though. If this summers tour does well, it will definitely put the pressure on Ed & Al. I see alot of fans asking Ed & Al why aren't they out there playing, giving the fans what they want like their former lead singers are. How can they answer that with a fourth singer? Again, if this tour does well, a fourth singer would be the final nail in the coffin, no matter who sings for them.

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    05.18.12 @ 09:24 AM
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    Originally posted by lazyman:
    If this summers tour does well, it will definitely put the pressure on Ed & Al.
    I don't think Ed can be pressured by anyone. Al on the other hand is a different story if the rumors of his financial ruin are true.



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