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    Romeo Delight
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    09.15.05 @ 02:39 PM
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    Default I just want to hear Eddie live- on his own.

    I saw VH for the first time on the reunion tour in Worcester and it just left me hungry for Eddie to be able to expand more. I think he's to confined by playing the same songs over and over again. Please do a few week tour playing instrumentals. He would sell out multiple nights in theatres, at least. We've never heard this from Ed, and its about time. A VH reunion can always happen down the road. Eddie needs to play for himself and quit worrying about lyrics and lead singers.
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    07.10.05 @ 08:50 PM
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    ...Flat on his back, laying on the floor of the stage, playing unplugged accustic after about 2 cases of Smoking Loon Wine...




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