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    denial vs. overeacting....

    this is not just to retread comments made by mikey lately, rather, i think we might take a walk down amnesia lane. we can all offer speculations based on one anecdote or another - but van halen is a creature unto itself. even when somebody does say something publicly it doesn't mean that it came from moses or something! just bear in mind:

    in 85 or 86 sammy was interviewed by mtv about joining van halen " i don't see any reason why this band would ever break up"....and they did.

    in 95 ed was interviewed in rolling stone to promote balance " roth is never coming back- it was a divorce" ....and roth came back ( sorta)

    after the reunion blues of bov1 al said " we could never tour with roth.." in 2000 they tried again - confirmed by roth himself.

    in 99 we were told that a second gary album ( ed's soulmate) was nearly done, but it was shelved and gary quit.

    just a few months before the confirmation of the reunion tour ed had said in that radio interview ( late 03) that he " hadn't heard from mike in years.."

    sonce leaving in 96, sam has publicly made statements for and against a reunion.

    in 2002 the inevitable happened. sam and dave together...occaisionally with mike and gary.

    during the reunion tour sam indicated that things were not going well whlie al was indicating he'd like to do another album with sam.

    presently sam's picture is on the official site- but he is touring as a solo act.

    so what??


    if ed is currently unable to go out on the road - or if sam is not interested there are other things that can happen.

    - since sam will never fire mona , mike will probably tour as "gusano" with sam , i know it seems redundant to have two bands with only a different bass player but sam and al are in it for fun and fans. mike is clearly not eager to wait several years between gigs.

    - roth reunion- don't hold your breath, but who knows- third time's the charm. with mike or the mythological sheehan? i think everyone would prefer mike but if it was a reunion i geuss we'd take it.

    -mach 4- no ones first choice but we've learned to see them when you unlikely scenario but........

    - ed could do an album with geust musicions like they wanted in 85. maybe those "ten albums " worth of intstrumentals would see the light of day.

    - ed could get his act together. and in a few months or so reconvene with sam.

    -ed might be fine , mike might be overreacting. yeah, any of these guys calling each other "vice-filled" is strange, but there are degrees of performance and sloppiness. still, mike's criticisms are out of character.

    the point?

    i am as guilty as anyone here for overreacting to one statement or another, thinking the future hinges on one isolated comment or another. but you can just never be sure. see sam and roth if you get the chance and hope for the best.
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    I whole heartedly agree with you. It seems like the end is near for these guys and the best you can hope for is an eat em and smile reunion. Ed will need to completely re evaluate his life, goals and ego before anyone makes any committment to him again. You have only counted a few times where someone says one thing and then does another. Who can believe anything coming out of either of thier mouths. More spin than I can handle for sure



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