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    10.22.09 @ 10:47 AM
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    Napoleon Dynamite, Led Zep, and G-n-R Action Figures on the Way

    Napoleon Dynamite, Led Zeppelin, Guns-n-Roses Action Figures on the Way
    On April 22 we announced a number of additions and changes to our illustrious and incredibly useful online toy catalog, but guess what? It doesn't stop there, as today we have a handful of new information to share with the world. Some of this info is simply added details to already announced lines and/or figures, but there are some unannounced additions to our Fall product lineup, too.

    Let's begin:

    We have already announced that our Napoleon Dynamite line would be made up of two Napoleon Dynamite figures (one in his Prom Suit, one in a "Vote For Pedro" T-shirt), along with Kip and Pedro figures. We have now added a third Napoleon figure ("Tetherball Champ") as well as a 12-inch version of the Prom Suit Napoleon, which will include sound. So, to clarify, the lineup for McFarlane Toys' first set of Napoleon Dynamite action figures is:

    Napoleon Dynamite 6-inch figure assortment

    Napoleon in Prom Suit
    Napoleon in "Vote For Pedro" T-shirt
    Napoleon - Tetherball Champ
    Napoleon Dynamite 12-inch figure
    Napoleon in Prom Suit w/sound
    There has also been a change in the description of our 12-inch Robocop. We have made alterations to the figure's sculpt to add some much-requested battle damage to this larger-scale version of our hugely popular Movie Maniacs 7 Robocop figure.
    Robocop 12-inch figure

    Larger-scale, battle-damaged version of our 6-inch Movie Maniacs 7 Robocop action figure.
    Finally, we will be adding two brand-new music-related items to our online toy catalog in the form of our very first three-dimensional representations of legendary album covers. These pieces will take classic album covers and re-create them in a way only McFarlane Toys could, beginning with...
    Appetite For Destruction (Guns 'n' Roses)

    Led Zeppelin 1 (Led Zeppelin)
    We have plans for more of these in the future.
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    06.29.07 @ 02:57 PM
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    Excellent on all accounts....gotta get me those Napoleon figures!
    From 3-13 to 10-6 and NFC South Champs.....go Saints!

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    03.07.10 @ 05:18 AM
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    According to Spawn, the LZ and G&R are going to be based on album will that work for LZ III?

    And in the current day and age, wouldn't "Houses of the Holy" appeal more to Michael Jackson?

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