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    Default 1993: Ed and Luke interview excerpt

    Luke: I'm holding my own right now [laughs]. The difference between you and I, besides the fact that you are the player that you are and the person that you are, is that you've never tried to do anything else outside of Van Halen. You never really wanted to. You never felt the need to. You fulfill everything you want to do in your own group.
    Ed: It's like, if I did a solo record I'd have Sammy, Mike and Al play on it anyway!

    Luke: So basically you are doing your solo record all the time. That's the bottom line. Every person has different desires.
    Ed: When you go on the road, do you do it for the work or for the pussy? Or do you work for the pussy?

    Luke: I work for the pussy [Iaughs]. I can say that, I'm single! It's taken a long time but I'm actually starting to make money this time. A lot of people have this misconception that you go on the road your first tour and you start making a lot of money. Do you remember when you were an opening act and you were losing money every week?
    Ed: Oh yeah! We were on the road for like 13 months, toured the world. We did 25 shows in 26 days in England and we were still owing Warner Brothers a million bucks. It was a bad record deal or something. I don't know.

    Luke: It's a good thing your first record put you into the stratosphere.

    Ed: The lights go down and it's better than anything. Do you do anything special to take care of your voice? Me, I'm not really a singer; I don't know how to sing properly. If we do a two-and-a-half-hour show and I'm just singing backgrounds, my voice is fucked by the end. I asked Sammy how he does it because he doesn't know how to sing properly either. He goes, "I don't know."
    Luke: The key is to warm up. I have this tape of this guy John Deavers, a vocal coach.
    Ed: Sammy [Hagar] has no idea how long his voice is going to last or when he can sing and when he can't.
    Luke: Does he warm up?
    Ed: Not really.
    Luke: His voice would last a lot longer if he did.
    Ed: He strums on the guitar for five minutes and yells and screams a little.

    Guitar FTPM, September 1993

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    01.18.06 @ 02:40 PM
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    On 2005-07-06 i'll go to a concert of Steve Lukather, two weeks later to a gig of TOTO. Maybe i'll get a backstage-pass to meet and ask him some questions about the boys. I know that he's buddy-buddy to Ed and i hope to get some informations or at least his thoughts about the band.

    Greetings from Europe
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    01.17.07 @ 08:15 PM
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    nice interview. eddie does talk like a 12 year old kid, while lukather talks like a grown up. lol
    if it sounds good, it is good- EVH




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