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    02.02.11 @ 08:19 PM
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    Marshall Valvestate 2x12 (Model 8240)

    I dont want to blow anything up over here at my place, so i thought i would ask some of the experts at the links before i try anything! Ok well i have a marshall valvestate 212 combo, and basically it has an effects send, 2 returns and 2 direct out jacks in the back... i was wondering if there is any way i could power a 4x12 cabinet with my marshall?? im really stupid, so please forgive my moronic questions lol. thanks guys!
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    03.25.18 @ 04:26 PM
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    That was the 2nd amp (and 2nd Marshall) I ever owned. I still have my Lead 12 out in the garage.

    Haven't played an 8240 in probably 9 years. The Contour knob is key.

    I'd be more excited about having the capacity for a built-in wet/dry setup in a combo. If you have a stereo effects unit, you can pan 100% dry to one side, and 100% wet on the other, allowing your true raw signal to come through it's own speaker.

    You can't do that with most other 2x12 combos.



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