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    06.06.05 @ 06:56 PM
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    Licensed or Original

    i don't get the difference between licensed and original floyds. my new jackson has a lisenced floyd rose, and it serves my purposes very well. and another thing that i keep seeing is that floating floyds are hazardous to tuning. i can understand this if a string breaks, but i've had my jackson for two weeks now, set up by the dealer, and my guitar has stayed perfectly in tune. i've just been curious about these two things about floyds, im new to them. ive been playing for two years,so im still curious about a few things.
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    05.28.08 @ 06:33 PM
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    A lot of licensed Floyd's are pure junk compared to real Floyds. The materials are stamped instead of machined on many of them. For me I don't want anything but an original, but I'm sure some of the licensed ones are good units too.

    As far as a floating bridge for a lot of us it is a pain in the arse. Many times you'll try to bend a string and hit another one, and the tuning will drop, or if you put your palm on the bridge, like I do, you'll knock it out of tune as well. Break a string and you can't even one note the guitar and finish out the tune, because the tension has changed. The only things you can do to combat this are to either buy a Tremsetter, or have it rest against the body so you can't pull up. I opted on the latter of the two.
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    05.09.18 @ 03:31 PM
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    I've never had a big problem with keeping my floating trem in tune. I wrang the shit out of the bar and it stays in tune. I fine tune it every day before I play, but even if I don't for a couple days it's fine. Mine is a licensed Floyd. Although, it has to be set up properly, because I remember when I first got mine, it would go out of tune every single time I would pull up on the bar, until I figured out how to set it. Doesn't anymore. String bending isn't a problem either. I love the floating trems.



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