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    05.31.14 @ 08:17 PM
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    Default Gotta Start Somewhere (Early Days Stories Thread)

    I was at the library digging through old newspaper microfilm from 1969, there I came across a notice for a dance at my local junior college (MPC) with a picture of the band playing that night - Santana. I thought it was kind of funny that Carlos had had to play the same place I had at one point in his life, even more ironic was that a year later he'd be at Woodstock.

    Anyway, it got me thinking about how all of the great bands had a short drive from the garage they parcticed in. In 1974, Journey played my highschool at lunch for free. But my all time "Old Days" story is about a band from Pasadena...

    I have a friend and mentor guitar player named Jason S. who's from Westwood, CA, and his band used to play all over Los Angeles in the mid-1970s. They'd take any gig they could get and one day he remembers that his ex-girlfriend's birthday is coming up and conspires to throw a keg-party, where you get a couple of kegs and then charge a buck a cup and hope a couple hundred people show up (this is more than you'd make at the Starwood). So he calls her up and make small take and then springs his offer on her and she tells him he's too late. Another band with mutual friends has already made her the same offer -damn! - okay, so he asks who the band is...."Oh" she says in a high nasal voice "we got Van Halen". DOHHHH!!!
    Then the following year, Jason's band is finally cooking. They've got a horn section and everything and they think they're on the way to being the next Eagles. Jason's dad is a soap-opera star and get the band an audition at the coollest club on the strip - Gazzari's. They went down one afternoon and set up and played three songs, afterwords Bill Gazzari tells Jason he's too loud but his band's pretty good...just not good enough to play at the club. Well sure the guys are bummed but at least they got an audition with God's right-hand-man. As they are packing up, Bill G tells Jason that mostly he needs to work on his volume, Jason has a Marshall stack and Gazzari's is a small room, but Jason see's a Marshall stack in the corner with some other gear so he asks about why his amp is too loud but there's the same amp over there that going to be used by the band that's playing tonight. Bill G. tells him " Oh, that amp has been rigged so that's it's not too loud" and points to the back of the head where the guy had N-rigged a dimmer, or what looked like a dimmer. So Jason asked if the amp sounded any good and Bill G. tells him that the amp sounded "Great" and that Jason should come back and see the band and check out the guitar player "Eddie", who was evidently, according to Bill G., really really good. Bill G. put Jason's name on a list at the door that night but Jason just didn't go....dumbass.

    My other story was told to me by my late boss and goes all the way back to 1955. My late boss, Bob, was going through Naval Officer's Candidate School in Memphis TN. Bob was a serious, no fun kind of guy and he'd spend his free time studying. The other guys would go into town and whoop it up and eventually they'd start to come back with stories about this white guy singing the hell out of the hot "Negro" music that was beginning to sweep that country. They'd tell Bob that he had to come and see this guy because he would just shake and gyrate and since he was good looking there were tons of hot looking southern women there and he was driving them to get all wet. But Bob never went and never got his brains fucked out by some chick who'd been turned on by a young nobody named Elvis Presley.

    So....who's got a story?
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    08.28.17 @ 03:27 PM
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    I don't have any stories to share, but I really dug the ones you posted Axx. Very cool.
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    12.16.17 @ 07:14 PM
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    Yeah, nothing cool like that ever happens in Maine. Oh, I suppose maybe I used the same public restroom that Steven King used at some point, but hardly any type of memory I'd cherish!

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    03.07.10 @ 06:18 AM
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    In 1971, I was the typical clueless 11 year old, putting baseball cards on the forks of my bike with clothespins and generally sucking at sports.
    We lived in the city of Plantation, at the time a relatively small suburban area, immediately west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    One of the kids I hung out with (yet never liked, to this day) was this little prick named Mike A., who happened to ask some other kids and me if we wanted to see a band.

    Mike's brother, Steve, was auditioning to play keys for this group of guys, and it was taking place up the street from me at Mike and Steve's house.

    We arrived at the house, and Steve sent us into the bedroom. The first thing I was struck by was the very thick, sweet fog that seemed to coat the room, diming most visibility.

    The second thing was how large, mustacioed and hairy the guys in this band were. The biggest was a black guy, who said his name was Tyran, and that I should sit next to him. His instrument was called a bass, similar yet different from the guitars the other two guys named Tommy and Pat were playing.

    Anyway, they played some tunes I'd never heard of, including one neat one called "Jesus".

    Well, in any event...Steve got the job playing keyboards on the road with these guys, and a couple of years later I got to see them up close in action at the Hollywood Sportatorium, where they were headlining over the Ozark Mountain Daredevils and this Florida band called Lynyrd Skynyrd.

    Oh...the name of the band was the Doobie Brothers, and the song I liked was called "Jesus Is Just Alright With Me".

    And for some odd reason, I happen to play bass as well as guitar.

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    07.20.17 @ 05:17 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by billy007
    I used the same public restroom that Steven King used at some point
    As long as it wasn't George Michael's public restroom!!

    Seriously though, I attended the same school and used to watch Tim Wakefield pitch in college. The best knuckleballer to come along in a long time, and he ends up in damn Boston! Oh well, still fun to watch.
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    A little more volume in the headphones please.

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    12.14.17 @ 09:07 PM
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    Some great storys here, here's one from my uncles about how they used to throw partys and used to have a band play, and how the singer used to drink a bottle of jim beam (straight out of the bottle) while they were playing, that band was non other than AC/DC.




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