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    Default Old Sheehan Interview (Interesting Read!)

    Anyone ever read this before.....

    Interesing tidbits on the brothers wanting to skid Mike before Dave was gone....This I did not know....

    Sorry if this has been posted before....

    For the full interview here is the link

    Here is what he says about Eddie asking him to join the band

    CRR: How did your band initially attract Van Halenís attention?

    Billy: This is an amazing story if I do say so myself. We got this manager in Buffalo whoís name was Harvey, he was the local promoter in Buffalo, he would bring in The Who and The Stones to arenas, all the big acts that would come to town were booked by Harvey. He was the biggest thing in the music business in Buffalo, the guy with the biggest connections, so by default we ended up having him become our manager because we were the biggest band in town so it just made sense. Harvey connected with a guy name Brad in NYC and Brad started to make some connections down there and expanded Harveyís business. He said "Why donít we showcase you for Premier Talent", they were one of the biggest booking agencies. We went down to NYC, played a show opening up for somebody, Premier Talent was there and they liked the band, but that was the last we heard of them. We thought now what do we do? Out of nowhere we get a call, Premier had sent our demo tape to Van Halen as a potential opening act and they said yes. We were more surprised than anyone, we never thought anything would come of it and all of sudden weíre doing 40 shows with Van Halen. So we went out on that tour and it was amazing, but hereís the funny part of it, Harvey who wanted to expand his business, he was an entrepreneur and a go-getter. He decided to make a movie, he hired some film guys and some script guys and he shot all of Buffalo and we had this little Buffalo premiere, it was laughable by Hollywood standards but he was trying, he was doing ok, heíd made some slasher movie, I forget the name of it. We all went to the premiere of it and we were drinking and hanging out afterwards, it was a big thing. The movie bombed but he figured a way to license it into other countries and make money off it in licensing fees. Then he found out he could take foreign films and license them here and not even worry about making the movie, he could just find movies he loved, bring them over here and make money that way. Well thatís Harvey Weinstein, founder of Miramax, Brad is Brad Gray now the head of Paramount. So my manager was Harvey Weinstein.

    CRR: You were also approached by Eddie about joining Van Halen werenít you?

    Billy: Yeah I kept it quiet for along time but now that things are pretty much over with them, I like Michael Anthony, heís a great guy and heís so important to that band. I was kind of torn inside because I didnít want to see the band change but I sure did want the gig you know?

    CRR: This was around the same time?

    Billy: Yeah he came to me after that tour, but it was either the next tour or the one after that that he specifically asked me to join the band. I remember I saw them a few days later and Dave who I didnít really talk to all that much, I was more in communication with Eddie, came up to me and said "Weíre really looking forward to having you come out to L.A.". I was still living in poverty in Buffalo so my head was spinning at the idea. Who knows what the real motivation was? I donít think they thought Michael was a bad player at all, so Iím not sure what was behind it. I really like Michaelís playing in the band, heís a great singer and heís such an important part of that band for me as a fan. Like I said I was torn, it was a great honor to know that I must have been doing something right if they were asking me to join the band. They did ask me, it was a great, great honor and Iím very thankful that they did even though it didnít work out in the end.

    CRR: Thatís ironic because Dave mentioned in his autobiography that Gene Simmons was apparently trying to steal Eddie away from the band very early on to get him to work with Kiss, but Dave was hip to his plan and put an end to that.

    Billy: Thatís funny yeah, thank god. In all fairness, a couple of other bass players that Iíve spoken with in L.A., some pretty accomplished bassists, they had toyed with them also. Again I donít think itís any slight against Michael I just think there was a lot of pressure in the band internally and they were starting to look for solutions to the problem. It wasnít the solution to change members, they just needed to sit down and talk with each other and maybe get a better relationship between everyone in the band rather than bringing in someone new.

    CRR: Like we discussed earlier the Van Halen connection didnít end there, just as Talas was about to sign a major record deal you got the call from Dave to join his band.

    Billy: Exactly, we had just got singed by the William Morris Agency and we were booked to open a tour for Yngwie (Malmsteen), Danny Goldberg from Gold Mountain Entertainment contacted us to do a record and then the 3rd call that I got, which was all in that same week was from Dave, he wanted to have a meeting with me when I came out to L.A. but he wouldnít say what it was for. I went out there and everything was shrouded in secrecy and he told me "Iíve left Van Halen and I want to start a band with you", I thought "holy cow".

    CRR: Heíd obviously kept you in mind.

    Billy: Apparently yeah. When I got back from doing the Talas tour and I got his call I asked him "When do you want me to come out?" and he says "Now" so I got on a plane and flew out to L.A. I still had my apartment back in Buffalo and on my í72 Pinto I had been driving around with the spare tire for 2 years, I was completely broke [laughing]. I went from poverty to paparazzi waiting right outside my apartment building. It was pretty amazing.
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    Cool read! Just goes to show that even the greats know Van Halen with Mike is sacred.
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    This was posted in here last month or so. Interesting read.

    I'm gonna close this one up, but the old thread is still open for discussion here:

    Billy Sheehan Interview

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