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    10.25.16 @ 07:24 AM
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    Default Thought to ponder

    Was listening to Diary of a Madman today on the way to work. Just bought the Ozzy Legends magazine so I have been listening to some Ozzy lately.

    Anyway reading the interviews, it seems that if Randy Rhoads did not die in that crash, chances are he was going to leave Ozzy. Kevin Debrow has claimed that he may have rejoined Quiet Riot while some others have speculated he would quit rock and go take Classical Guitar at UCLA.

    I have read a lot of threads talking about him getting his degree and then doing some classical/rock thing like Yngwie. However I never really heard what would have happened if he rejoined Quiet Riot. Everybody glosses over it to talk about UCLA.

    I don't think that they would have made a version of Come on Feel the Noise if Randy was involved. That song was pretty much shoved down their throats (from other interviews)however if Randy was in the band (being an award winning guitarist with Ozzy) I don't think it would have happened.

    That song ended up being their hit and launching hard rock/metal on MTV along with Def Leppard's pyromania. Pretty much was the launching pad for all the 80's hair metal.

    Do you think that sort of music would have still happen regardless due to the LA Scene at the time? Its like what would have happened to Pearl Jam, Alice N Chains and Soundgarden if Nirvana did not break out with Smells Like Teen Spirit.

    Anyway thought it was interesting.

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    05.17.11 @ 10:41 PM
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    yea i think it still would of happened it probaly would of been different bands that started i know im only 15 but im a huge fan of the 80s hair metal scene i thought it was awesome and wish it was still going strong today.....but if nirvana didnt come out with smells like teen spirit then it would of been some other genere to take over 80s metal was coming to an end cause of the bands like poison were getting caught up in the image aspect and not the music part...its sad thing but yea thats my opinion
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    03.01.12 @ 04:52 PM
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    Back in the 80s I remember getting into heated arguments with my highschool friends about who was the better player: EVH or Randy Rhoads. My friends argued that Rhoads was going to be the next step in the evolution of guitar playing and Rhoads was going to supplant EVH as King of the Guitar.

    I liked Rhoads' guitar playing but I argued that no one was ever going to top EVH.
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    05.31.14 @ 07:17 PM
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    I don't know if Randy would have gotten back with Quiet Riot. He'd said in many interviews that the band had gone as far as it could. The first two Quiet Riot albums were made up mostly of every song they had that was any good. They had nothing to follow up with and I doubt Randy could have made a difference because Kevin

    What I think would ave happened was that Randy would have done one more album with Ozzy, which would have cemented him as a solid co-uber Axeman to Edward and given him a little bankability to maybe put together a band. He might have taken time off to study guiatr at USC (USC has the best guitar program in the U.S. with Miami a close second), but I think he would have hooked up with guys from the deep pool of genious-shredders in LA and tried something first.
    From there I don't think he would have been a big deal. If you look at the other hotshots who went solo :Vinnie Vincent, Vinnie Moore, Greg Howe and George Lynch, then you see that the only people buying their albums were and are other guitarists - not a large market. Sure Randy was special but he would have been dogged by Ozzy fans for leaving and he would have been called "Yoko Rhoads" by more than a few hard-core fans. Everywhere he went, Randy would have been asked "When are you getting back together with Ozzy?" and I think that would have weighed on him to the point where he'd have just hung it all up and gone back to working and teaching at his mom's music store. I'm not bagging on Randy, that's just the nature of hard-rock fans. Had Eddie quit Van Halen in 1982 he would have most likely vanished into the wastelands of great SoCal talent on display every Friday and Saturday night at almost any crappy bar or lounge in the greater LA basin.

    On the other hand, Randy would still be alive. Plus, he'd still be a factor in guitar in some way. You'd have seen him at every NAMM show hocking a new box or guitar and most likely his own brand of instructional DVDs and books. Also, any one of us could go to his mom's music store and, for a hefty sum, take a lesson from the man himself or just stop in, buy some strings and tell him how much we dug his playing and shake his hand. To me that would be much better than Randy becoming some rock god.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ziggysmalls
    Do you think that sort of music would have still happen regardless due to the LA Scene at the time?

    Oh yeah...all the 80's hair bands that went huge were already playing, and many with FAR more collective talent than QR...
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    10.24.16 @ 07:28 PM
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    Axxman300 has it right.

    He absolutely would NOT have joined Quiet Riot.

    He absolutely WOULD have done at least one more album w/ Ozzy, so as to have the financial backing to do attempt some of his other dreams.

    He PROBABLY would've either continued his dream of meshing classical music w/ rock (not Yngwie's violin style) while fronting a new guitar band.

    Then, years later, joined back up w/ Ozzy as a studio guitarist. Probably too annoyed w/ Ozzy to tour with him again, though.



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