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    01.17.18 @ 11:35 AM
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    Default This, That and the Other Thing

    Okay, i have been peeking in on this fine site for over a year now. I've been following VH since day one and i've finally decided to throw in my thoughts on many things i've scene here.And, since i've never posted anything to any website ever (a virgin, so to sppeak!), if i'm posting in the wrong spot, please accept my apologies.
    There was a question on one of these forums recently as to what kind of fan are you (dave,sammy etc.).
    I'm an Eddie fan, or perhaps better said, i'm a music fan. That said, i have changed with the band, i loved the stuff they did with DLR, but that ended, i loved the stuff with Sammy, and only recently purchased III so i haven't made my mind up on Gary, hough i was not an Extreme fan, i can see why the brothers picked, he's probably got the best voice of the bunch.
    So, my thoughts, having seen the band with Dave and with Sammy, they were a much more amusing band with Dave, they are a much more talented band with Sam.
    As for the future, when they get round to it, Sam is the only way to go, Dave is a mere caraicature of what he once was,(which was a bit of a caricature to begin with.
    Those of you young people who are wishing that DLR returns are watching to many old videos thinking that's how it would be. Watch the July 4th/04 bit with Dave trying to belt out Jump with a full orchestra behind him made me nauseaous.
    Perhaps Wayne Newton should audition as the new singer!!
    As far as the condition of EVH, i have a little personal incite into the battle with the bottle. I sobered up about 4 years ago, and when i read some of the bits with Eddie around the time of Balance it reminds me of how i feel nowadays.
    The world suddenly has a new and exciting appearance and you are not prepared to put up with crap from anyone,crap that you used to put up with in order to be left alone.
    I saw VH in Edmonton at the end of October, Ed appeared to be ecstatic to be on stage, and during the solo he used the line "if you get bored throw shit at me", which i have noticed caused people in other venues some concern that he was bein drunk and ignorant. Wrong. This was a guy who was about to just fart around on the guitar and experiment in front of a full house, and it was his way of saying i hope you enjoy it. (which i did, all 15 plus minutes of it.) I would pay money to see Ed sit on a stage by himself with a few guitars and just make shit up for two hours. Some appreciate it, some don't.
    For those of you wondering about the success of Motley Crue, it's because there management is doing a much better job of getting the boys faces out there, everywhere. The are all on TV, on the radio, in the paper, in the magazines.
    Motley Crue's people are telling North America how great a band they were,how they are better than ever, and people who never displayed the slihtest interest before are buying up the cd's,dvd's and tickets because they are being told to. I never payed much attention to them inyears gone by,never owned a cd, but i bought the new disc because it was everywhere and i figured maybe i was missing something. (it turns out i wasn't)
    Years ago, Bon Jovi did the same thing, people were told they were the greatest band ever, and they turned out in droves because smart ad execs in the Bon Jovi camp SAID they were the greatest band ever.
    Van Halen needs the same, and Irving Azoff may just be the guy (ask the Eagles).
    Finally, to the guys who run this site, excellent work, this is THE place to be for VH news, and now that i've posted my first, you may not be able to shut me up.


    PS.......HST R.I.P.

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    08.09.05 @ 10:41 PM
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    let me be the first to welcome you .

    I agree with your post 100%, I saw them live in Indy and They were on, the band was tight, Ed was playing great and I wish his solo would have gone on longer than the 15 minutes that it did. I get tired of readin how everyone wanted new VH and now that we had a tour, they complain that Ed wasnt as good as he once was. IMHO I thought his experimention was refreshing. How often do you get to see a legend so raw and vulnerable instead of plastic and cookie cutter like, as in previous tours. I thought this was true and real and I enjoyed everything about the show and the new music. Hopefully a new cd is in the future, but if not, I had the summer of 2004 and it was well worth it
    "ONCE believed,can't ever lose faith"

    "Get off Eddie's ass, he is still the greatest ever"

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    05.22.18 @ 07:44 AM
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    That my friend, is one kick ass first post.
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    05.11.18 @ 06:48 PM
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    Welcome to the links Duke!! I enjoyed your post, very honest and appreciative to the BAND Van Halen. Rock on!
    Just go for it!

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    05.17.11 @ 10:41 PM
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    great post man i agree with u also....eddie is just having a good time and loving wat hes doing.
    Rock on MotherFucker!!!!!!
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    12.12.16 @ 09:22 AM
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    Eddie was in his purest form Houston and the audience really dug his playing. BTW, Ed did'nt play sloppy.......he kicked ass!!!

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    04.02.13 @ 09:13 AM
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    I dont know man...I was at the show at houston and he was off and on.

    During some songs he would show signs of brilliance and then during some songs he was just fumbling his way through things.

    During his 20 odd minute guitar solo he actually played probably around 10 mins worth of actual soloing instead of the feedback/noise thing he was doing.Some of the stuff he played was cool but i actually felt bored during his guitar solo.

    It all depends on the people you ask though.... i asked my best friend who took his mom to the show and they both thought eddie was great (non musicians) . i took my folks(they put up with my noodling/jam sessions for years) to the show and they both felt Eddie wasnt on top of his game and lacked the musicianship they saw from him on past tours(84/5150).
    What do you mean i dont believe in god?
    I talk to him everyday!



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