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Thread: Amp Problems

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    09.16.13 @ 01:25 PM
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    Amp Problems

    I have a Crate DX-212 100 watt 2x12 digital modeling combo that I bought in 1999. For years it really barely ever left the house and was always used at pretty low volumes. In other words, it was treated and maintained very well. I brought it with me to college and have started giging with my band and it has some problems.

    It isn't nearly as loud as it should be. It starts to distort all funny and lose all it's punch when I turn it to about half. It won't get any louder and isn't very loud at all when I play with my band. My other guitarist has a Line 6 2x12 100 watt combo and it's about 10 times louder than my amp without even turning it past a quarter power and it's much punchier and clear. I love the tone of my amp at low volumes. It sounds great and I can get some great EVH tones but it falls apart when you try to turn it up. It needs to be miked live and even then you can barely hear it. It should be REALLY LOUD. Something must be wrong. It also has had problems lately turning on. When I move it to a show, I need to cycle power on and off for about 5 minutes before it'll come on. It also kept cycling power and reseting randomly while I was playing at high volumes during one show. It has problems.

    I'm bringing it to get looked at soon. I was just wondering if anyone had this amp and had a similar problem or if someone new in general what might be wrong especially in regards to the output volume. That is what is annoying me the most. It should be very loud and it's not at all. Any thoughts?
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    06.12.07 @ 04:54 AM
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    Typically Crate's are known for their incredibly high volumn levels. I've had a few Crate combos through the years and haven't had one go bad yet. My current GFX 212 plays about anything I dish out at it. I've heard the sound quality diminish due to flapping, old speakers, but not pan and lose signal like it sounds like yours is.

    If the volume level isn't where you remember it being after playing it all these past years, getting it looked at is about all you can do. Hopefully it won't be too pricey .

    If the fix is over $200, fuhgetaboutit and get a brand new unit. You'll really like the new effects in a new amp anyway.
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    02.21.17 @ 06:16 PM
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    Default Forget about solid state

    Get a tube amp. I doubt the Crate was ever intended to be a gigging amp. It may be good for recording or jamming in the bedroom, but it's a Crate for cripes sake!



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