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    Default What To Do With My Guitar...Need Suggestions!

    Hi Folks,

    It's been a few years since I've really picked up my guitar and practiced. I've taken it out of it's case and played it for a couple 15 minute periods over the past 3 years but nothing serious.

    Well now I want to start again and really put the time in. I have a program called "Interactive Guitar" and a whole bunch of tabs. I really think I'll be serious with it this time.

    Anyway, I bought a Washburn PS2000 Paul Stanley guitar in '98 or so when it came out as I was a huge KISS fan. It's the actual guitar model he would use on stage (not the cheap one). If nothing else I though it would be a nice collector's item and possibly something that will appreciate in value someday.

    I've played it often in the beginning and on and off at times over the last couple years and it is in mint condition. It looks like the Seymore Duncan picups have tarnished a little over the years but I think that's nothing and can be cleaned no problem.

    Thing is I'm thinking of selling it and getting something cheaper that I won't have to handle so gently. I've checked e-bay to see what it is worth (as I have no idea) and it seems they are only selling for about $1500. I payed alot more than that when I bought it.

    Does anyone know anything about the PS2000? Should I hold onto it? When I bought it I thought I'd keep it for 20 years or so and then sell it hoping to make a nice profit. Dunno if it will ever appreciate or not. Any thoughts?

    I'd like to get a Wolfgang (either quilt top or special). I'd like to have a whammy bar and I'm not sure if they both have them or not. I have my Line 6 amp still and I want to learn the guitar again. If anyone can suggest what I should do here please feel free.

    Thanks in advance

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    Waldo, I doubt you're going to see much appreciation.

    That guitar will never be iconic like Hendrix cream Strat or Page's #1 Les Paul. It will be cool among Kiss fans and that probably won't be enough to drive it's value.

    No other major player is going to walk onstage with that thing, so it won't get that icon status that way. Paul Stanley is generally considered a passable guitarist, at best...

    Lastly, it's a mass-produced signature model...everyone has a "signature" guitar now , so it's not that big a deal.

    I say, take your $1500 off ebay, buy a guitar you know you'll actually want to be seen with(haha), and get down to practicing. For $1500, you could get 2 G&L Legacy models, the best Strat on the market, hands down...and have money left over for a decent combo amp, or at least a good chunk of one...
    Can't stop...addicted to the shindig...



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