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    11.19.05 @ 05:49 AM
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    Default G.C. Guitarmageddon

    Hey I was wondering if anyone participated and played in the Guitarmageddom contest at Guitar Center or if you went just to watch?

    I didnt play or participate, I went to watch some players at the store finals..., they were all way better than me...

    These guys varied from 14 to 30 something...they all were good..two guys blew me away, loved it, it was great fun...

    All I know is I gota practice more

    At the end of that contest you win a box of some goodies. If you win the national contest you win a car and some sorta recording stuff, contracts perhaps, etc....
    I wasnt sure what was in the box...but I might have played to try to see what was in box....

    Anyone elses wana share thier experience?

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    04.30.16 @ 02:52 PM
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    My best bud played in it last year and went to the regional semi's. He can shred, but is also very versatile, which he said was key. He said there was all these "hesha" looking dudes with their reverse-headstock Jacksons that could wail, but were stuck in one style.

    The dude that won was at the Crossroads festival here in Texas and was introduced by Steve Vai, if I remember correctly. He played acoustic and was fantastic. He had a few gimmicks he threw in that were creative, which is probably what judges look for.

    I've never been myself. Dallas has a TON of great players, and I certainly don't think I am the best in the city--much less the nation--so I doubt I'd ever enter.
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