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    09.04.12 @ 11:37 AM
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    Dave and Ed should compromise. The way I hear it, Dave doesn't want to sing any Sammy songs and Ed doesn't want Dave to do any solo material on tour.
    Well, Ed let Sammy do solo material on tour. So why can't Dave do some?
    Also, Sammy did some Dave tunes on tour, why can't Dave do some Sammy tunes? He may not have Sammy's range, but there are some songs where it doesn't matter.
    Why can't Ed agree to let Dave do some solo songs if Dave agrees to do a Sammy song or two?
    Makes perfect sense to me, a compromise.

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    02.19.18 @ 08:37 PM
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    whatcha say makes perfect sense

    but i know dave's ego might just be too big.

    the way he used to say it was "i feel good knowing hagar has to step out on stage every nite and sing Jump but i'll never sing one of his songs."

    that's more or less a direct quote from dave.

    thing is, how many dave tunes did hagar used to sing? 3 maybe. and then he'd get to sing what like 3 of his solo songs. so maybe what they need to do is compromise like ya say.

    but i really thing Dave likes thinking there was no VH after he left. Just like Ed and Al right now like to act like Dave & hagar were never in the band.

    really what they should do is let Mike sing 2 or 3 hagar songs. that might be the solution.




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