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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Hey! I know what I'm about to post doesn't belong here, but I don't give a fuck.
    Most of you don't really know who I am or anything, that's because I stopped posting so much since the dome closed. Anyways that's not really important because I'm splitting from the message board scene, but before I go I want to tell you something and everything I say comes without any offending intended.
    As a whole you act like the band owes you something, like they've done something wrong. They haven't they've acted like human beings. So they kicked out Dave, you should be happy for them that they were still able to stay on top. I mean would you rather the band be miserable and their stage presence suffer or would you rather see them happy with someone else? Then they booted Sammy. Now I liked both singers ALOT. And more people would if the radio had played more of the hard stuff like Poundcake or Seventh Seal, but hey blame the record company too. Okay back to my point, so they're once again unhappy, they have a right to let him go, and we punished them by being extra harsh on Van Halen III. The public never gave it a chance because they were tired of the singer change. I do understand that and the band(and their fucked up management) should have seen it coming. Still they owe you NOTHING! They are a band they do what bands do, make music. There's nothing else to it. I know there's ALOT more to it to us(me included) because their music touches us. But to them they do what comes. They do take care of the fans though, now this no news is bullshit, but that's because they don't respect the boards(I'll come to that later). Think though, all the stories we have of people who met them and how decent they were to them. Alot of rockers you meet will act like they don't have time for you and that you're nothing(my friend and the most awesome guitarist I KNOW was jamming with Dokken's bassist and the guitarist came in and was a huge asshole to him just because he wasn't from California and he wasn't in a famous rock band). They do make time for their fans and they did alot of interviews and such when they had an album out and were touring and knew exactly what was going to happen next.
    That's the other thing, I'm not sure they know what's going to happen next. They are getting older you have to admit that. All of them have severely abused their bodies and most likely it's catching up with them. I have worries still...I'm not even gonna get into myself though.
    My final thing, I'm sure you're all grateful(because you've probably started to regret reading this). I'm going to make this short and I really don't want to hurt anyone when I say this. I shouldn't say it, but it's my biggest reason that I'm leaving(which is stupid).
    The band doesn't give a flying fuck about the posters. They absolutely despise us, that's why they aren't interested in getting the dome back up(that and brad's a fucking ass). They have no respect for us. I have a quote that I'm sure some of you have seen, this is a quote from Eddie in 1998, it's out of a Rolling Stone(I tore the article out of the school's librarie's---oops)
    He's addressing people not liking Van Halen III and always bitching about not having Dave
    "...this isn't international espionage--we're a fucking rock & roll band. People, get a life, will ya? If you can't get on the Internet and join the club."
    Now please I'm begging you don't get all pissed over that, see it this way. He's just a normal guy, he doesn't think he's anything special to anyone except Valerie and Wolfgang. He's also tired of hearing "they should get Dave back"(which I'm totally for, IF Eddie's ready) for 18 years.
    Okay, I am done. I hope for happiness. I love the band and everyone on here, you are all unique and an experience. I wish you the best and that my boys are making good use of 4 years of free time.
    "location: hiding in joe perry's closet"-7thDeadlySin<p>"location: under the covers---hah prodigy, i moved up!"-7thDeadlySin<p>since i don't want to think insert cool Van Halen quote here...<p>Van Halen will once again rise to reclaim our fallen rock n' roll...and if they don't; no worries, i'll send ya a postcard from 5150!

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    12.02.18 @ 06:10 AM
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    Your datribe didn't piss me off in the least. I hear what your saying, the band has the right to do whatever they want and work with whoever they want. Whether the fans choose to accept it is another thing. I gave VH3 a chance, liked the album and was looking forward to another one with Gary. Circumstnces changed things though and since then we've all been left hanging as to the future of the band. I guess we've been spoiled to a certain extent because of all the great music VH has given us over the years. I though along with a whole bunch of Van Halen fans just don't want the party to end quite yet. I'm a Van Halen fan and always will be. In my mind no band touches the music these guys have put out over the years. Till the last note is played I'll be there till the end. VAN HALEN RULE!!!!!!!
    "It's now officially 5150 time!!!"

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    03.01.10 @ 10:22 AM
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    Best of luck to you

    P.S. The band didn't kick Dave out in '85, he quit.

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    02.13.15 @ 08:56 AM
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    Feel free to continue this topic in the Opinions forums. [img]smile.gif[/img]



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