Do you guys think that Sammy will tour with Ted Nugent & Toby Keith? All three of them are really good friends, and all have similar ideaologies and beliefs, so they all get along really well. I know that Sammy will be busy at the Sweden Rock Festival, so maybe he can't go on the whole tour, but perhaps as a special guest that'll come up on stage and jam with them! It's possible! Ted did say that he has agreed to touring with Toby Keith, in the same paragraph that Sammy was mentioned! I think Ted was thinking it, but can't say that Sammy will, or could, join them, because Sammy is busy headlining the Sweden Rock Festival (and hopefully with VH). However, it could also be that Ted doesn't want to let the cat out of the bag. Perhaps he doesn't want to tell people that Sammy might not be with VH anymore, at least for a while. Read the whole interview, and see where Ted talks about Sammy, and about Ted touring with Toby Keith at: