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    12.13.13 @ 12:26 PM
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    I caught the tail end of an advertisement for "Rock Line" on WZLX in Boston. They said that this Wed at 11:30pm they are featuring DLR. I have no idea if this is a new interview or old stuff or what. Does anyone know? There is no info right now about it on their website.

    The website does list "Jamie's Cryin'" as the being the 10th most requested song of the month. [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]
    "The spirit can not be contempt. The spirit can not be sour and angry" - DLR on The NEW Van Halen

    "Shutthefuckupity" - DIF on John Cusack.

    "Baby, where'd you sleep last night?
    Your hair is all tangled
    and you ain't walking right." - Robert Johnson

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    02.20.19 @ 09:55 AM
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    Its an old broadcast from 1988.
    'Old Van Halen, when I was in it-classic Van Halen-makes you wanna drink, dance and screw, right? And the new Van Halen encourages you to drink milk, drive a Nissan and have a relationship.' - David Lee Roth.



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