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    01.18.18 @ 02:09 PM
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    Default The media absoluetly kills me...

    First let me state emphatically that I am part of RED SOX NATION.

    I live in New York and really cannot believe how the press here tries to blow any comment made by a guy in a Sox uniform into a complete trash fest towards the Yankees.

    Yeah Trot Nixon had some words for A-Rod after he proclaimed himself to be the most dedicated player to his own workout regimine, and that other players aren't on his level.

    And yeah I too agree with Trot and the rest of the players that feel like he isn't a "true" Yankee, not like Jeter (he'll never be in Jeter's class). A-Rod has yet to prove that he's worth his contract and I doubt he ever will. Fact of the matter is this, no team A-Rod has ever been on has won the World Series.

    Now the press is trying to blow David Wells' comments out of proportion about his relationship with Torre & Stottlemyre. What a joke. The guy reponded to a question honestly and without malice or anger in his voice. The NY media needs to stop trying to make comments by Red Sox players into a Yankee hate fest, and start reporting about how their team is going to come up short yet again this October.

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    05.26.18 @ 05:30 AM
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    Try the MLB thread tons of Yankee/RedSox debate going on in that thread.
    ((Just My Two Cents))
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