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    Red-Balled Mammoth
    The VHND reports that Dave will have a new song out by the end of the month. Also, that new song he recorded for Ashley Abernathy is up for bid at $2050! It's amazing what people will do for a rare song. And out of respect for Ashley, I don't think that the high bidder should make an MP3 available or bootleg the song. That defeats the whole purpose of having just 2 songs. It's different than bootlegging live unreleased stuff. But that's just MY opinion

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    cool man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i will visit

    I reach across to the other side to make contact with you.You fill my dreams.I wanna tell you,tell me why you´re crossing over...

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    Yeah, hopefully it'll be out at the end of this month ... with those three other guys he's been working with, that I've heard so much about.


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    Hey guys, gonna move this to VH Opinions/Speculation.

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