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    Mike's Hot Sauces and Mustard

    Hi all-

    Anyone purchase this fine stuff yet? I think I'm going to get the new Mild Sauce (asbestos undies I do not own...) and I was wondering about the mustard. Is it super-hot?

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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    Ayuh, Shari...just finished a set last week...had a Mexican dinner party and we indulged.

    Don't bother with the mild. The hot's not that much hotter. It's pretty tasty, wish it had some more chunks of veggies in it, more salsa-like. But it's worth it. It's not as hot as Mikey's advertising (two assholes? LOL). But then again, I'm a Southern Cal boy, and we like our heat.

    Out of the 3, the mustard was the most fiery, IMO. Had some turkey sandwiches, not for the timid, as far as mustard goes.



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