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    09.04.08 @ 12:43 AM
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    Default 100 greatest guitar tracks in Q

    HI there,

    I don't normally read music mags but in the supermarket yeasterday (UK) I spotted Q magazine with 100 greatest guitar tracks. I picked it up and flicked through and there wasn;t even 1 VH track!!!! What's going on??? I couldn't believe it. How can you do a list like that and not even include a VH track??
    As a silent protest I put the magazine back on the stand upside down and went home to listen to some REAL guitar tracks!!!! shocking stuff

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    06.07.13 @ 01:32 PM
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    Mate- Pay no creedance to this magazine....I suppose it our equivalent of Rolling Stone - it's full of $h1t.

    Didn't Eruption come in at 13 or something like that, whereas a more credible magazine would obviously have it as 1,2 or 3 in the list of all time greatest guitar tracks.
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