Jamie Kennedy 'Masks' Being Wasted
Tue, Feb 08, 2005, 12:02 PM PT
By Mike Szymanski

The guy who plays Jamie Kennedy's wife, "Monk's" Traylor Howard, reveals a secret about shooting "Son of the Mask" in Sydney.
"Jamie kept getting thrown out of bars, or not even allowed in, because he comes across like he's always stoned, always wasted," Howard tells Zap2it.com. "And it couldn't be more from the truth -- he's a completely clean guy."

Yet, when sauntering in to his interview, Kennedy does look a bit like he just got out of bed. He has a slurred drawl, and he admits that he gets misunderstood a lot.

"First of all, I'm a very relaxed person, but on camera I'm crazy," Kennedy says. "So I'm always low key and so people think that I'm on drugs. I don't do drugs."

Known for his TV show "The Jamie Kennedy Experiment," the "Scream" movies and the starring role in "Malibu's Most Wanted," Kennedy is now starring in "Son of the Mask" as a father who has a kid who's influenced by the magical mask that turned Jim Carrey into a crazy man in "The Mask" in 1994. In the sequel, the mask also takes over his dog, and his low-key character in the film.

When he told Carrey at a Teen Choice Awards that he was doing the sequel, Kennedy says, "He was totally cool. He was like, 'Man, do it. Go make a good movie. You're going to be great.' I mean, he was very, very cool. I ran away. I was nervous."

Like Carrey, Kennedy does get to go crazy with ad-libs and impersonations when he puts on the mask, and that includes interacting a lot with computer-generated images. It's not much different from when Kennedy practices his lines in the mirror, he says. However, it was tough imagining what it was like to have a kid. Director Lawrence Guterman, who's had three children since he directed "Cats and Dogs," says he had to train the single 34-year-old how to be a proper dad.

"Larry's like, 'They took your baby! Do you know what it's like to have a baby? I have three babies.' I was like, 'I don't have any babies.' 'They took your dog! They took your dog!' I was like, 'I don't have a dog.' He was like, 'All right. Ashton Kutcher just got this part!' I was like, 'What? Where is he?' That's how he would get me," Kennedy quips.

Kennedy co-stars with a dog as much as with a baby in "Son of the Mask" and says the dog was a better co-star. "When you're doing a scene with a baby, he's really sweet, but then all of a sudden he'll just start crying," Kennedy smirks. "And I would feel like his bottom getting warm, and I was like, 'That's out of character. That's not in the scene.' "

To befriend the dog, who's real name is Bear, Kennedy mimicked the trainer's voice. "I always used to imitate my mom's friends," Kennedy says. "My mom would have dinner parties every week. My mom had a very eclectic group of friends. So I would always run around and imitate them and they thought that it was cute. But I never knew that it would be a career."

One of his best characters is cut from "Son of the Mask," but it's going to make it on the DVD. He plays a 200-pound Jamaican woman, which required five hours of makeup. Meanwhile, his dream is to imitate David Lee Roth or Ozzy Osbourne in a biopic.

"I'd like to have a career like Jamie Foxx, he's amazing as Ray Charles (in 'Ray'), or a career like Robert Downey Jr.," Kennedy pauses. "Without the drugs."

Knowing how his low energy off the set comes across like he's a slacker, Kennedy does admit that if he wasn't acting, "I'd probably still be working at Dominos," but he adds quickly, "Managing it."

"Son of the Mask" opens nationally on Friday, Feb. 18.