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    11.23.17 @ 04:28 AM
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    Default Boss GT 5 help needed

    I just picked up this processor after having it many years ago. At that time there were a lot of guys that had it running the effects loop of the 5150 and had some killer tones.

    Does anyone just the GT-5?
    Does anyone have any good patches they could share?
    Does anyone use it in conjunction with the 5150 and can you share on its wired?

    I have lots of VH concert videos as REWARDS!

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    02.05.05 @ 03:29 AM
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    gt-5 brown sound

    I had some but they are long gone with the GT-5 now...
    But there are still someone out on the net - try this link - get those VH syx files and download via a MIDI sequencer to the Boss GT-5

    Go to Patches - GT-5



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