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    Default Weapon to 'Microwave' Hostile crowds

    Sounds like radiation to me. I wonder what the cancer risk is?

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    Of course it is radiation...microwave radiation. Don't let that word scare ya. Radiation is not limited to the 'nuclear holocaust, gamma' radiation. Ya know what comes out of that little antenna on your cell phone? Radiation. It is simply radio frequency radiation.
    But then some radiation is bad in high concentrations. I'm sure you wouldn't want to be standing immediately in front of this weapon. Police radar is much like military radar, just a lot less energy.
    Light is radiation. Sound is radiation. Heat, etc etc etc.

    BTW, haven't ya heard? Everything causes cancer on any given day.

    Which reminds me...

    I remember a friend telling me about a sound-reinforcement seminar he attended. According to the speaker, the military had come up with an ultra-low frequency (aka subwoofer) weapon to be used for crowd control. Blast thunderous low frequency out into a crowd and everyone in the crowd will shit their pants.

    But there's a problem: Ever noticed how when punks drive past your house at 4am with the stereo cranking and all you hear is the bass? Below approx. 200 cycles sound is omni-directional (it travels in all directions with equal intensity) and passes through walls easier than higher frequencies. This being the case, the operator of said weapon would also shit his/her pants.
    Ya laugh but it's could happen...



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