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    04.03.05 @ 12:54 PM
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    Default Trying to conquer 'Eruption'

    After conquering Edward's otherworldly solo on 'Beat It' I was inspired to tackle Eruption. I bought VH 1 a week ago and got a transcription and I can play most of the piece at half tempo but there are certain trouble spots where I cannot decipher exactly what is going on: The two measures before the tremolo picking and the measure and a half after the tremolo picking are rather ambiguous but my main difficulty is with the section after the long pause and before the tapping. My transcription shows many notes in this section but I can only clearly hear some of the notes with accent marks. I have to adlib the notes before the 9th position trills because all I hear is noise. I've encountered this problem with many transcriptions before; the transcriber writes many notes that I don't hear, as if they are trying to make it so perfect that it becomes more complex than the actual music. Is there a method for learning this piece note-for-note? Perhaps running my Tascam through another slow speed auditioner?

    One more question, is the tapping section on the G or the B? My transcription says G but when I attempt to play it that way, my PODxt's Eruption tone doesn't sound right. It lacks that flowing quality. I'm beginning to think that the patch needs tweaking. That's a hobby I've come to develop; developing and mimicing tones. 'Beat It' and Voodoo Child (Slight Return)' were the most time consuming for some reason. Anyway, any help is appreciated!

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    06.23.17 @ 08:49 PM
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    the tapping section at the end of eruption is played on the b string.

    btw way if you have settings for the beat it solo podxt settings send them my way.

    in fact any settings you have send my way.


    Deftones , now and forever and only second to VH.

    Dave or Sammy ?.........pffffft Eddie.

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    12.31.06 @ 07:50 PM
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    There is a very detailed video of Terry playing it on right now...I suggest you try that.

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    11.19.05 @ 05:49 AM
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    Default This is what I know...

    Nowhere man,
    Dont make it more than it has to be...I enjoy playing Eruption and it flows much better when I mix it up and have fun with it...
    cuse Im SURE that Eddie never played it the same way twice...
    The Basics
    Its in A.......I think...he he, anyway.....ok ok A flat.....
    Mix it up with some A panatonic stuff....starts with an A power chord..
    and then some tasty A minor bluesy panatonic stuff...
    and then he goes into some cool pull offs with an added open B string, flat5th giving it a little classical flava....pure Eddie...
    continue with some staccato blues notes (dont forget the flat5) in a desecinding order to the A power chord then hit the G, D..etc..again
    The stuff at the top you ask about is a mix uh lets see...
    starts with the A blues riffs again the bending 7ths to the 8th stuff..
    The part thats fast is the run of part of an E major scale and he then falls back into some classy blues riffs in A major blues (A minor blues riff...think more SRV, for A major blues riffs think more BB King) then a open G with a dive....
    of course then the E bluesy bend and the "classical" E major trem pick walk..
    Phew.....Im tired....ok enough of that....
    I hope that sorta the way I use the PODxt into my computer for Eruption and just let it Erupt...teh he....

    Later Bro



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