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    Bootleg Project - Need input

    I am in the process of converting over about 100 audio cassettes (to CD) from all era's of VH. As with tapes, they all vary in before I convert them over, I wanted to check to see if any one had better quality CD's already produced...maybe we could set up a trade. This will also help me not to put out some boots of older shows that already exist (with better quality than I have).

    So with that being said, I will post about 5 or 6 shows as I have time. If you have it on CD, and it is better than my description, please help me out with a trade or just a heads up.

    Here's what I grabbed before I left for work this morning. Just gave them a listen and here is what I have concluded:

    "Rocking My Hometown" 8/27/93 & 8/28/93 - Good sound; a little hiss but not too bad. Good quality over all. (2 tapes)

    Jacksonville, FL - 3/12/95 - Second night of the Balance tour - A little muffled; but overall good sound. (2 tapes)

    Pasadena 11/18/77 - Great sound for 28 years old. Muffled, but you can jam to it. By muffled, I mean it sounds like it was recording from an FM broadcast in the 70's. (1 tape)

    "Crack the Secret" Holland 1/27/95 - Tokyo 11/1/95 - Sounds like it was recorded from a FM broadcast, Good quality over all.

    "Texas Blues" I assume this is the free show from '91 or '93 can't remember. This is a good recording; full sound w/ little to no tape hiss.

    Let the discussions begin...

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    08.28.17 @ 02:27 PM
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    I have all of those shows except the Jacksonville 95 show, but I do have the first night in Pensacola however. All those shows are damn good, and at one point in time I've posted them over at I've got plenty of shows up there now for download that you should check out.
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    03.28.18 @ 02:38 AM
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    Go to and post this in the open forum section.. You'll get a better discussion going on there...
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