I got the new issue of Guitar World (25th anniversary). It has a cool CD ROM in the package and among the many neat items on the CD Rom, it has a section for product reviews. There is a good video review of the EVH MXR Phase 90 pedal. I have been thinking about buying one for a while, but after seeing and hearing the review, I was pretty impressed. I went to Sam Ash and played one for about 30 minutes. I was having a blast and just jamming at a moderate level at the the music store. When I went up to the counter to pay for the pedal, the salesman gave me a few dollars off the pedal. He told me thanks, and that due to my "demo" of the product, another customer bought one just before me. He said "thanks". I thought that was pretty cool.
Anyway, the pedal is great. The sound is not only cool for replicating your favorite VH tunes, but it is very inspiring and has a great sound. It is built VERY solid and is probably the most durable pedal I have ever purchased. I don't think this thing will ever break, and I hope not. It is a JEM. I highly recommend it to anyone who plays guitar. You will truly enjoy playing with this pedal.