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    12.22.09 @ 07:02 AM
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    Default Strat saddle question

    I screwed a floater down to the body. Raised the saddles up so the action was where it was before (1/16" @ 12th). But the bridge to nut angle seemed to have increased somehow, raising the action from the 12th up especially. Same thing seems to happen when adjusting the saddles away from the neck, but to a lesser degree. Is something actually happening here or should I just stop shooting herion into my eyeballs before doing set-ups?

    Oh ya, good call the the Spider II tribb. The insane channel kicks ass. Thanks man, just what I was lookin for.

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    03.30.13 @ 08:28 AM
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    Breadman, that heroin will screw your eyeballs up every time.
    When you screw the bridge bolts down you're going to change the angle of the saddles, so the lower the front of the bridge goes, the higher the back will go. I know, that's common sense.
    When you bring the saddles back you're increasing the string tension and raising the action slightly, especially if the back of the saddle is sitting slightly high.
    You might want to reset your bridge to where it was originally and do a very tiny shim to the neck with something like mylar, which is thiner than tape and transmits sound better.
    After a neck shim then try and reset the bridge again if you need to.
    I've shimmed and corrected lots of necks where the problems were originally blamed on the bridge or truss rod adjustment.
    That's not to say a correction won't be needed but try a small shim first and see if it helps.
    You only have to loosen the strings enough to get the neck off and slip the shim in there. Shouldn't take more than 5 minutes so the neck won't have much of a chance to go out of whack before it's tensioned again.
    Once you attach the neck give it about 20 minutes to see how it sits before restting the truss rod again.



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