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    01.05.06 @ 05:46 PM
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    Default Online NASCAR Thunder 2004 League

    Hey NASCAR fans... or racing sim fans... or PC gaming fans.... Thunder Underground Racing Drivers Association (TURD) is looking for some new drivers for their second season!

    Here is the information (you can also check out our website

    1. NASCAR Thunder 2004 for the PC.
    2. Steering wheel is necessary... not b/c we want you to spend more money, rather, we would like you to be able to keep up!
    3. Broadband connection required.

    If you are interested, either PM me or reply in this thread or check out the home page of the website and send an email to sign up!

    I'm kind of skimming over the details here, so, please let me know if you have questions...

    Oh, one other important note... we are out to have fun and a good time. If you expect everyone to be able to always be able to hold their lines and never get bumped... this league is not for you (i.e., we suck and you'd probably be bored anyway).
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