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    03.06.12 @ 09:07 AM
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    Default Amp/Head question

    Hey guys long time no post...anyway, I just got some free money to spend, and I just recently got an axis so I am thinking about amps. I currently have a line 6 60 watt amp thats about 5-6 years old. Now here is the question; it has only one speaker, and I remember when I was in the store messing with one of the axis' i was using one of the new line 6 that had two speakers, and it sounded a lot better, so does the extra speaker make a real good difference? Also , whats the deal with these heads and shit I see. they seem to cost a lot, can I jsut get a head? What is its purpose, or could I get a head and connect it to my old Line 6? Im not trying to go on tour or anything, but I like getting a nice sound in my room. So bascially I am just asking for the breakdown of amps, cabs, heads, all that jive. Thanks fellas! I almost had a heart attack when I thought thses forums were gone for good, thank god they are back!

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    Well, I won't go into details about different amps and what they sound like and all that stuff. I personally have the big Mesa/Boogie triple Rectifier solo head with a 4x12 cabinet. I used to use an old peavey half stack with just 2x12 in it and that worked just fine. Plenty loud. The 2 speakers gives you more of a stereo feel. Much like doubling your guitar tracks would in the studio, only not quite the same. Just makes it fuller. All the different heads are for different sounds and different power. The bigger the head, and the more tubes in it (depending on what kind of tubes as far as sound), the more aggressive, ball kicking sound it'll produce. Natural tone. Meaning, in order to crank it out, you have to crank it up. There's other models that with more or less just amplify whatever you put into it. Like if you were using your effects for distortion, it would just take the incoming signal and boost it. Some do both. As I referred to before, different amps with different ubes produce different sounds. It's all trial and error. Try it out and see what you like. I too have an axis. I love it. Those guitars are beauty's. Enjoy yours and good luck.

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    03.30.13 @ 08:28 AM
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    JB5150, the reason the new line 6 sounded better than yours was because the new speakers are made by celestion, which are more focused, tighter sounding and considerably punchier than the first version you own. They've also improved their emulation so the eq'ing of each sound is more "in the ballpark".
    Buying a good head and putting it through your old line 6 cab is kind of like buying a new car and then putting old bald tires on it. As the volume increases the tone gets more and more muddy.
    You're better off buying a new combo or new head and cab.
    The old 1st generation line 6's are decent bedroom amps and also good for recording, but the new models are have been redesigned for more live venues as well and the overall sound is much more focused.
    The size of the head and tubes have nothing to do with aggressive tone or power.
    There are 18 and 20 watt amps that sound ferocious and are killers tonewise, while I've heard 120 watters that could only be described as good doorstops.
    Speakers are a very important factor and can completely alter an amps tone for better or worse as well.
    Each company has it's own trademark sound, and their circuitry is designed to accomplish that sound. I'm not a fan of Mesas cause I don't like the sound of their overdrives but some friends of mine love them. It's all personal choice.
    You'd probably be happy with the new line 6 models, but it sounds like you have access to different amps through music stores in your area, so try them out before deciding.



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