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Thread: New HP Specials

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    Default New HP Specials

    Hey. Just seeing if any of you guitar guys out there have seen the new HP specials Peavey is putting out in replacement of the Wolfgang's. I saw a couple at the NAMM show this past weekend, and the ones I saw were beautiful. Both with that tobacco burst type of fade, only with a mix of silver and black, and another with turquoiise and black. The neck is rediculously nice and it plays very well. I definatly like it more than the Wolfgang. Unfortunatly I now noticed that the available ones on the market with only be in solid black or gold. Not much variety, but I still might consider it. They only changed the body type a little bit. Sharper edges, and made the headstock a little bit more streamline. No D-tuner, and the tremlo now sways both ways, but can also lock for dive bombs only. The show completely confirmed that Eddie is done with Peavey. No amps or guitars with anything to do with him. Only things I saw at NAMM that were EVH related were the Phase 90 pedal and the Charvel guitars.

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    There is already a thread going on this already here

    There are several other colors being offered than just black and gold. If you don't like those colors you can always go the Custom Shop route.



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