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    09.05.15 @ 06:55 AM
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    Clueless newbie - help me!

    Hi all-

    I am a bootleg newbie. Green as they come. Nothing to trade, and wouldn't know how to do it anyway.

    I am ready to start collecting some DVDs. Where do you recommend that I get the US Festival? There's one person selling it on eBay right now: jmishica Anyone purchase from this person before? Do you have a better place for me to go? Somewhere you trust? Do we like Rock Videos Online?

    What other boots are must-haves?

    I'm certain there were threads of this before, but...

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    05.23.18 @ 08:51 AM
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    The US Festival sucks imo, Dave is drunk or stoned and forgets the lyrics to half the songs. Get VH live in Sao Paulo Brazil and Live At Largo 1982 if you want great DLR era concerts.
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    03.28.18 @ 02:38 AM
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    If you have a CD/DVD burner then you should head to and start downloading stuff..

    Never ever buy a bootleg. That's the first rule..
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    12.27.12 @ 10:38 AM
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    Some DVDs are:
    - The Rare Videos - The Dave Years
    - Largo '82
    - US Festival (Dave is loopy, but a well known show)
    - Tokyo 89
    - Toronto 95 "Molson Center"
    - Sydney 98
    - Some good 2004 shows

    There are several ways to get started with collecting/trading bootlegs:
    - Take a visit to and ; both sites have audio and video boots available for download and JamToThis has a good concentration of Van Halen. If you have a DVD burner, you can download DVDs (many with full menus, etc.) that you can then burn yourself.
    - If you don't mind paying for your first couple boots, you can find a good selection of Van Halen at and ; many traders feel you shouldn't pay for something that's available for free but I've been guilty of buying shows from both these sites if it was something I wanted and I couldn't readily find someone to trade with who had the show.
    - Many traders will work with new traders (hey, we all were new at some point...). Usually, they'll work what's called a 2-for-1 trade whereby the new trader sends to the experienced trader twice as many discs than are required for the show(s) in question. The experienced trader burns the copy, sends the copied discs back to the newbie, and keeps the remaining blanks as their end of the trade. For instance, if a newbie wants a show that requires 2 discs, they'll send 4 discs to the experienced trader. The trader will burn the show on 2 of the discs and send them back to the newbie. The trader will then keep the remaining 2 blank discs. Just be concious of the fact that many traders prefer name brand media because a lot of the generic stuff isn't as reliable. The newbie often covers return postage for the discs, too.

    Hope this helps. Send me a PM if you are interested in a 2-for-1 to get started.
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