Another goodie from my collection. This might be a good start for newcomers to the boot collecting game.

Madison 1984, Dane County Coliseum- Wisconsin July 3. The blazing signature sound of EVH’s classic guitar intro to “Uchained” is the opening to a magical night in Wisconsin late in the career of this seemingly unstoppable force known worldwide as “The Mighty Van halen” this is one of Alex Van Halen’s finest moments. He is in rare form, playing wickedly fast and with a jackhammer sound that ignites immediately on track one (Unchained) and expodes into full blown fury on track 2 ” Hot For Teacher” and continues relentlessly throughout the concert. The boys are living the rock and roll dream to fullest on this tour, Dave and the crew are the masters of the rock and roll world at this juncture of their peaking career. The crowd doesn’t need any artificial showmanship boost or prodding to keep them going at 110% full tilt lose your voice, lost in the moment ecstacy ,because this band has risen to the top of the rock and roll world with nonstop touring and by showcasing Dave’s talent for combining memorable lryics with Eddie’s classic and inventive riffs that make songs like “Everybody want’s some” just one of many showstoppers.

The sound on this tour is slicker and more polished than the US Festival and it’s tighter and faster paced than the South Americam Assault ‘83 tour. After a red hot “Running with the Devil” the crowd is fully worked up into a screaming mob and Dave tells the rambunctious partyers ” We got the brand new songs, we got the brand new sound, we got the brand new show , and we got the same old shiiittttty attiituuuuuude!” This is an excellent Cd to collect as it represents VH at the end of their Dave era career, playing their greatest songs to perfection. (19 Tracks total). The sound on this 2 CD set is loud, clear and EVH is in top form. By all means get this.

Disc 1 : 1.Unchained 4:34, 2.Hot For Teacher 7:05, 3.Atomic Punks 2:59, 4.Runnin’ With The Devil 3:09, 5.Dave Speaks 3:56, 6.Little Guitars 4:15, 7.House Of Pain 6:25, 8.Bass Solo 5:30, 9.Jamie’s Cryin’ 3:29, 10.I’ll Wait 5:00, 11.Everybody Wants Some 16:54, 12.Girl Gone Bad 5:15, 13.1984 1:11, 14.Jump 4:20, Time Disc 1 - 74:02 Disc 2 : 1.Guitar Solo 13:52, 2.Pretty Woman 3:02, 3.Pamana 4:44, 4.You Really Got Me 8:24 5.Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 7:37, 6.Dave Interview, Part 1 2:22, 7.So This Is Love? 3:32 8.Dave Interview, Part 2 0:33, 9.Hear About It Later 4:56, 10.Dave Interview, Part 3 4:29 11.Unchained 4:14, 12.Dave Interview, Part 4 2:36.
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