This is a great one. From the early days.

Magic Mountain 1977 at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia California, October 1977. This is a soundboard recording of the band playing one of their first shows after being signed to the Warner Brother's label. The sound is high quality, all the instruments and Dave's vocals are loud and clear. The influence of producer Ted Templeman is clearly heard in the very sophisticated and polished sound of Ed's blazing guitar work and tight harmonies of Dave and Michael. The live tracks here are the stuff that Van Halen's Classic first studio album are made of.

There is a bonus studio track of Dave singing a sweet and haunting acoustic tune called "Angel Eyes". The liner note's on this CD peg this song as done in 1974 and as possibly the rarest song from the Dave era. Track 7 , "No more waiting" is an unreleased song that that has the same intro as "Take me back" from "Balance", but parts of the vocal phrasing and rythm sound faintly reminiscent of "Little Dreamer". Eruption is played with Ed's usual furious speed and tortuous whammy bar workout, but lacks the harmonics that made that solo a rock guitar masterpiece on Van Halen 1. This is an outstanding bootleg with familiar classics and some rarities.

Track listing: 1. On fire, 2. One more time, 3. Running with the devil, 4. Atomic Punk. 5. Ain't talkin' 'bout love, 6. Loss of control, 7. No more waiting, 8. Eruption, 9. Feel your love tonight, 10. Show your love, 11. Summertime blues, 12. Angel eyes, 13. Take your whiskey home, 14. In a simple rhyme.
I am a long time VH fan and collector of boots. This is one of my favorites.

It's on my "Happy Hour" forum in the "Sounds" forum. To the view the forum and download, just register your name and your membership is instantly activated. Mp3, CD quality.