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    Quote Originally Posted by voivod
    From the website - I'll be watching this one!!!!

    It's a rock and roll sketch comedy show.
    It's a reality show with a rock and roll sensibility.
    Twisted comedy and rock and roll mayhem.

    Fact is, there's nothing on TV like CRAPSHOOT.

    Take two funny guys. One's a professional comedian.
    One's a professional rock god.

    Jim Breuer ("Saturday Night Live") and Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne's long-time guitar player) share one passion: their undying love for rock and roll. Oh, yeah -- and a love of fucked up comedy.

    Throw them together for some outrageous sketches, some reality show insanity, and some seriously ass-kicking music, and you've got CRAPSHOOT.

    Here's what we're talking about. Crapshoot is...

    part sketch comedy show -- scripted bits that occasionally come out as planned.
    part rock reality show -- just spend some time with these guys, and whatever you do, don't stop rolling the cameras.
    part "Storytellers" -- musical guests hang out and talk music with Zakk and Jim.
    part music showcase -- performances by music legends and new hotshots. Soundtrack possibilities are limitless.
    part "Jackass" -- occasional unruly behavior

    That's a lot of damn parts. But that's what makes it different.

    CRAPSHOOT is a free-flowing mix of scripted material, scripted material going south, improv, reality, and serious rock.

    We could tell you that we shot more than enough material for a pilot in two six-hour days, and it cost next to nothing. Which is only relevant if you care how much it costs to make television shows. We could also tell you that CRAPSHOOT is sponsor-friendly, especially with the elusive 18-34 male demographic, a natural venue for videogames, beverages, autos, fast food, electronics, etc. But that's only relevant if you care about ad sales.

    Music + comedy + stupidity = cha-ching

    In every sense, it's a no-brainer.

    Take a look at CRAPSHOOT.
    Nothing to see here.



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