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    10.22.19 @ 11:45 AM
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    Default The Ten Pack - Most Underrated Tunes

    Okay, the single most underrated songs from each of the first ten albums...

    I - Feel Your Love Tonight...This one never gets mentioned. Too sappy for Davey? "We're gettin' funny in the back of my car...I"m sorry honey if I took ya just a little too far, yeah.." Come on! Classic Dave.

    II - Bottoms Up...they used to play this sucker live all the time. DOA, BG, and DTNA always seem to overshadow it during discussions...I dunno why. Love this tune.

    WACF - Fools. I'd say the majority overlooks Simple Rhyme frequently, but personally I can't and won't. Simple Rhyme is one of the best. In the top 5 Dave songs for sure. But Fools, totally underrated.

    FW - One Foot Out the Door. People don't seem to like this one a lot. Beats me why. On ol' Warning, there are no losers. It is the only album that can safely hold this title without fear of reprisal. IMO, of course.

    DD - Big Bad Bill. On Diver, there's a few to choose from. BBB is classic Halen, however.

    84 - Top Jimmy. Nobody seems to talk about this one either. I love it.

    5150 - Good Enough. The opening song to Sam's induction unto VH. Most only mention the opening line. The rest of the song rocks big time as well.

    OU812 - Source of Infection. Bad title. Good riffs. Again, lots to choose from on this one, IMO, the MOST underrated LP of all.

    FUCK - In and Out. It took about nine years to grow me, admittedly, but it's really not such a bad tune. Too bad not many of us can truly say the same about Man on a Mission. LOL.

    Balance - Feelin. Why doesn't anybody like this one? It's one of Sam's best, methinks...and Ed's solo jams, period.

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    VH1,Balance,FW,and VH3
    Favorite VH Song

    Panama,without you and IAT
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    05.17.11 @ 11:41 PM
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    VH1-feel your love tonight-is def. an underrated song
    VH2-women in love....-nobody i kno who like VH never talk about this song pure VH at there best.
    WACF-Could this be magic??-i love this song
    FW-hear about it later-love this song too some of there best stuff
    DD-where have all the good times gone-great cover never heard the oringinal though
    1984-top jimmy-i agree never talked about great song
    5150-get up-just a fast fun tune
    OU812-source of infecton-love this song.probaly one of my top 5 favorite VH tunes.
    FUCK-judgement day-great song hard and heavy.
    balance-big fat money-great fast and cool solo.
    Rock on MotherFucker!!!!!!
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    It Dies Today
    Poison The Well
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    11.11.19 @ 07:22 AM
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    VH1-On Fire, Atomic Punk, Little Dreamer
    VH2-Outta Love Again, D.O.A.
    WACF-Fools, In a Simple Rhyme, Could this be Magic
    Fair Warning-The whole album?
    Diver Down-Secrets
    1984-Girl Gone Bad
    5150-Get Up, 5150, Inside
    OU812-Mine All Mine, Source of Infection, Feels so Good
    FUCK-Judgement Day, Pleasure Dome

    Sorry that's more than 10. This is hard...
    Last edited by JudgementDay; 01.15.05 at 06:12 PM.

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    Favorite VH Album

    Favorite VH Song

    Humans Being, Mine All Mine
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    07.10.07 @ 10:11 AM
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    Van Halen: Feel You Love Tonight
    Van Halen II: Bottoms Up!
    WACF: In a Simple Rhyme
    1984: Top Jimmy
    5150: Inside
    OU812: Sucker in a 3 Piece
    FUCK: Dream Is Over
    Balance: Feelin
    Van Halen III: From Afar, Once

    i think that was 10....that was really hard lol
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    Dirty Movies/Mean Street
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    08.09.19 @ 12:16 PM
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    VH-Feel You Love Tonight
    VHII-Women In Love
    WACF-In a Simple Rhyme
    1984-Girl Gone Bad
    5150-Good Enough
    OU812-Mine All Mine/ A.F.U (Naturally Wiiiiirrreeedd)
    FUCK-In 'N' Out
    VH3-Dirty Water Dog
    I think the non "hit" tunes on 84, and OU812 are the best underrated songs or something
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    Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
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    11.17.19 @ 03:56 PM
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    VH - Little Dreamer
    VHII - Light Up the Sky
    WACF - In A Simple Rhyme
    FW - Hear About It Later
    DD - Hang'em High
    1984 - House of Pain
    5150 - 5150
    OU812 - Cabo Wabo
    FUCK - Dream Is Over
    Balance - Aftershock
    Remember the Heroes - 9/11/01

    In 2012, the phoenix has risen!!

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