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Thread: Custom Shops ?

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    Default Custom Shops ?

    It's getting to be tax return time and I need some help finding a custom shop to build me a "Wolfgang like" guitar for under $1300 !

    I'm hoping I can get some block inlays , AAA quilt top , Floyd , Arch top , etc. ! If anyone has any Idea's on where to turn , I would greatly appreciate it ! I've already got 3 stock Wolfies and was hoping to get something a little more customized !
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    Well, I'm not sure if you're willing to compromise on "Wolfgang" like or not. Hands down Rol, Tribb, or Homeunit would be able to point you in a better direction than I can. I'm not sure what you'd like to use as your core body wood either.

    I'd suppose the toughest thing to get down, unless your not concerned, is the truss rod adjustment location. You surely know of Warmoth, and they do an EBMM style body - either flat top or carved top. If that's not up to your spec, you could send them tracings of a Wolfgang body. They have Wolfgang "shaped" necks, but the truss adjustment will be at a different location - I believe I asked them about this and pretty much got they they wouldn't be able to do it like a Wolf/EBMM. If you're willing to buy the parts, paint/dye it yourself, assemble it yourself or have a tech assemble it, that'd probably be your best be short of spending upwards of $2000 (Ed Roman, Terry Rogers). With Warmoth you have alot of options in body woods, wood quality, as well as scoring a one piece body -while saving yourself quite a bit of cash in the process.



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