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    Default Extension Cab Or Stereo Chorus Amp?

    I have a Marshall AVT50 and really love it. Also, I love a stereo chorus sound but obviously can't do it with this one speaker amp like this. Would you guys recommend going with a second amp (like a Fender Princeton Chorus which I really liked) or going with a second cabinet and just running with the chorus stereo? Pros/cons? If you think an extension cab is the way to go, does it have to be powered? Which one?

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    You'd have to power the ext cab... the signal off the chorus won't drive a speaker let alone a cabinet full of speakers. Depending on the sound you are looking for I'd suggest combining a solid tube amp with the AVT probably geared toward the clean side of things like a Fender Deluxe Reverb or simular. Then add in a good A/B switching setup to run one or the other or both and you're set...

    A note on the Marshall AVT50 or other models... I have an AVT50 but didn't like the way it broke up on the overdrive channel. I replaced the factory 12AX7 tube with an old old Knight Mullard 12AX7A and it really cleaned both clean and overdrive channels... Played around also with an old Mullard ECC81 (12AT7) in it which produced some interesting hamonics but the high end a little harsh for my sound. So even though the AVT's are a hybrid mix of tube and solid state you can tweek with em with good old tubes...
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