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    Default I received my B/Y Charvel

    I had this on my desktop from before the old site went down, so I am reposting this for those interested in getting one of the new charvels.

    Also I did get the R/B/W version the day after the B/Y. Whereas the paint job on the B/Y is excellent, the one on the R/B/W leaves much to be desired. I think Vince had already touched on this in a previous thread when he got his. You can see the stripe points and there is some bleeding of the colors. Don't get me wrong, it is still nice but the B/Y is far nicer.

    Hope it helps someone

    Beware, this review is longwinded:

    Well, I received the black and yellow charvel today and wanted to post a review. First off, I know most people have not been excited about these guitars. I agree that you can get something similar (better?) by making your own or having somebody else build it for you. I also did several things I vowed never to do: 1) pay more than $2000 for any guitar 2) buy any guitar sight unseen 3) buy any guitar via mail order. I broke all three and paid a hefty $2640 for each from American Musical. The red/black/white is due to come in 2 days.

    Why did I buy them? For all the reasons people have listed: nostalgia, the paint job, the EVH name and decal at the headstock, etc. I really don’t care whether these guitars “hold their value”, increase in price, or decrease over time (sure, I really hope the price doesn’t drop in half 6 months from now). I guess it’s partly the way we think about what kind of steal or a deal we got or how we were so smart to buy such and such because the value increased. Barring a disaster I don’t plan on selling these guitars.

    I am not a gigging musician, but consider guitar a hobby, so I really don’t care about someone spotting me playing these guitars. I personally don’t care what people think about what type of guitar I’m playing. Since 1991 my main guitars have been a George Lynch Kamikaze I and III and a skulls and snakes, which I absolutely love. I have also owned an EVH ernie ball which I sold 2 years ago, and have 2 wolfgangs, fender fat strat texas special, Ibanez Jem, Ibanez JS10th. I have shown up with the Kamikaze at blues open jam nights and received some funny looks because of the graphics but other people have loved the guitar, so to each his own.

    It’s quite easy to justify why we do and don’t spend money for things. Some people love what others wouldn’t get paid to take. I personally would not shell out the money for a sports car even if I can. I am fortunate enough to have the extra money to buy these 2 (was never fond of the black and white), and I don’t consider myself a “fool parted with his cash” for doing so. So putting all of the grumblings about the money aside here it goes.

    The case is black tolex by G & G, pretty much the standard fender tolex case with the side compartment. They included some trem tools, cloth, polish, the typical stuff. Upon opening the case the hang tags were still draped around the neck. My black and yellow is serial number 0422 (does this mean #22 of the run? I am not sure). The color is listed as “B/Y” and model as “EVH Clone”. The first thing I noticed was the paint job and body are immaculate. Someone else noted there is lots of clear coat, I am not sure but it looks really good.

    I personally like a wider nut and jumbo frets (I think the kamikaze has some of the tallest frets I have played). The neck feels really good. To me it is a bit wider than the wolfgang and ernie ball, but I am not certain of this. It is a bit rounded, much more like a typical fender neck than say and Ibanez which I have always thought was flatter. To my feel the neck feels like there is more “finish” than the wolfgang neck, but again I’m not an expert.

    The headstock has the EVH art series and charvel labels, but they are not decals they look like they are actually inked into the wood. On the back of the headstock there is a sticker label that says the headstock is liscensed by FMIC. The back of the neck has a “skunk” stripe down the middle. The neck plate is silver and says Charvel then EVH logo then Art Series then the serial number engraved again mine is 0422. There are 4 bolt screws holding the neck plate/neck/body.

    The trem cavity is uncovered, finally no screw holes and has two claws to the floyd rose. There is a holographic sticker with EVH logo and serial number within the trem cavity, The back control cavity has a black metallic cover.

    Again, the body stripes are extremely well done. I am sure you guys that make the replicas do an equally good job but I am impressed with the absence of “running” lines and “bleeding” from the stripes, and the back looks equally as clean as the front.

    The output jack cover, obliquely on the side, is chrome colored.

    Yes, the volume pot cover says “Tone”.

    The guitar came set up well, and with very low action. It has a D-tuna, which is not mentioned in the original description.

    Now, how it plays. Put it this way, I can’t put it down! I personally like a little “space” between the strings and body, midway between the bridge pickup and neck as I rest my hand higher than the bridge. This guitar is one of the few which has a little extra height there, like the kamikaze. This is as compared to the jem, which is very low. So while the action is low there is lots of “room” for the picking hand. I don’t know how to describe it well but that’s an attempt. To me it just feels more comfortable.

    Had to play unchained as the first song, then It’s About Time.

    The bridge is set up flush with the body so it is not floating. Therefore the bar can’t be raised, only lowered.

    The neck plays really fast and again with the setup I can’t stop doing legato runs.

    The pickup is very “punchy” to me and very hot. Again I am no excerpt but it is more punchy than a Duncan distortion or screamin demon.

    Again, I’m not a pro, just giving you my opinion.

    To summarize, I love it! I would buy it again, and am waiting for the red/white/black.
    But back to the money: the price should be about $1500, and in line with the other fender signature guitars, although I think the quality is better than the SRV, jeff beck, and Clapton models.

    Sorry for the long review, I hope it helps someone who may want to buy one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SactoFan
    If you're pleased, nothing else matters, bro!
    What he said.

    It sounds to me like you made an informed choice. You for the most part knew what you were getting and what you paying for. That's the big thing with these guitars, they're designed for guys like you who want a peice of history that you can enjoy.

    When you lay all the parts out on paper these guitars are not worth what they're asking for them and I think that is what picks a lot of our collective asses. Some of us are working or trying to be working musicians and when something like this comes along it's like paying $1700.00 for a paint job. For a lot of us it's about tone and function first and then looks.

    For the collector it's a different story. My dad just paid 6K for a Gibson Chet Atkins model. To my dad Chet is like EVH is to a lot of us, so I guess I can see the similarities.

    The bottom line is if you think it's worth the asking price and you're willing to pay for it then it is.
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