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    06.24.09 @ 12:54 PM
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    Default Tribb - is that an overdrive control you mounted on that bassman?


    I did score that 68 SilverFace Bandmaster, through in some fresh MSTR Ruby tubes, and fresh caps, and dear god in heaven, I think I might have the world's finest tone. With a Fulldrive and a Distortion Pro, the cleans are goreous, jangly Fender, the OD is just a touch crunchy, and the distortion is pure sustainy mayhem.

    God bless Leo Fender.

    How does the overdrive control work?
    You know the best tone I ever had was with that little bandmaster cranked to 10. Edward Van Halen, 1980, Guitar Player Magazine.

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    03.30.13 @ 08:28 AM
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    Hi strato. With everything that's been going on I'm not sure, but I'm assuming this is a new thread. I don't have an overdrive control mounted to my bassman combo. It's got somewhat more gain than usuall because it's been modded, but any overdrive is based on the fat boost I modded into it. I disabled the left side so I could use the first input tube to power a reverb unit and made the first input jack a switch input to turn on and off the fat boost, which used to be the deep switch.
    The left volume is now my reverb control, the left treble is my presence control and the left bass is my mid boost. I plug into the right side, and use those controls in conjunction with the lft side controls. I push it through a single 12" EV 12L.
    I use the old version of the drivertrain, and a green machine as well as an old 66-67 vox clyde.

    I'm glad you like that fender amp. The bandmasters are good amp and you can push them pretty hard.



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