Well thanks to everyone's donations and support, we're back! We're now using VBulletin as our message board software, since there is nice big security hole in UBB.threads that hasn't been addressed yet.

I was able to restore the board from the last backup I had, which is from March 12, 2003. Yes that's a million years ago, but it's better than nothing. I was able to restore all users who registered to the board by the middle of yesterday. So if you registered to the site yesterday and never were confirmed, you will have to register again on this board. This won't apply to many people.

There are no limit on private messages right now, but it is going to be taken down considerably. If you want, you can save your PM's to text or an Excel file. Just go into the PM box, you'll see links for it. So if you want to save some of them, that's the way to do it. I haven't decided how many I'm going to allow, I'm thinking maybe 500. I plan to implement that maybe next week or the week after so think about pairing them down.

Please fix and re-submit your signatures so they look right, and you'll probably have to re-select your avatar too.

The board will look as close to the old VHLinks board in time. My main goal at first was to get everyone back, and make sure it was at least running correctly. The cosmetic stuff is secondary to that, but of course will return.

The 2004 tour forum will be re-created (ASAP), so that we can try to rebuild what we had in that forum, pics, reviews, etc. I also plan to add and change a couple forums, but I want to wait until we're all settled to do that. The forums downloads will return once I figure out the best way to handle that with this software.

If you can't log in for some reason, DON'T PANIC! Some users migrated over with old email addresses they don't use, or passwords they have since changed. All you need to do is email me your username and your email address to webmaster@vhlinks.com and I will have the system mail you info for resetting the password and getting you on.

The donor icons will be added back in time, just hang on for that. And if you donated in the huge wave that we had after the board crashed, just hang on, I'm going to probably have to ask many of you to email me on that to make sure I get everyone. But hold off on that.

Post counts. If you wanted to bring over your post count from the old, I hope you had a look at it before we closed the old place. All you have to do is post that count in the thread in this forum titled "Update My Post Count" and I will fix it. All you have to put in your post is the number, nothing else.

That's pretty much all I have to say on this right now. Remember if you can't log in, email me with your username and a good email address (NO HOTMAIL or YAHOO accounts, they won't work) and we'll get you set up fast.