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    02.17.17 @ 05:11 AM
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    Got my tix for the show in West Palm Beach, Florida after several hours of Ticketmaster crap. Forget Microsoft or Napster, this monopoly should be brought down.

    Tix go on sale at noon on Saturday. At 11:50, I dial into and call in on the cell phone (sure, I am an obsessed VH loser, wanna make something of it).

    12:03: get through on-line -- none of the first 3 sections are available -- "best" seats are in the second tier of sections off to the side.

    12:05: moron operator gets on the line. "Best" seats are same section now 6 rows further back.

    12:08: in desperation, buy the second tier "best seats" on line.

    12:10: check out show reviews on VHForums.

    12:15: on a whim get back onto Surprise, surprise. Section 1 is now available, closer to the middle of the stage and a good 15 rows closer than my "best" seats. Pissed as hell, I buy these seats too. I am now 15 rows from stage.

    12:45-1:45: I spent 1 hour on phone with Customer Service and arrange to cancel the first purchase and go with the better seats.

    Does anyone know how that ticketmaster works. The "best" available bullshit is fraud. There has got to be something better. Any ideas for future shows.

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    11.18.12 @ 06:34 PM
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    I think you just lucked out!
    What happens is, for example, if someone ordering online punches in 4 tix at best available seats and clicks 'find tix', a screen comes up and tells you your seats. That person now has 5 minutes to complete the transaction or else the tix go back into the pool. So, you must've gotten someones seats that were thrown back in or something along those lines.

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Another thing I like about Ticketmaster is when tickets are on sale for a big event like this and they should be selling tickets as fast as they can they are trying to sell me everything under the sun like subscriptions to Entertainment Weekly.Shut up and process my order so I can get the best seats possible!! I feel better now after venting a little



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