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    03.01.18 @ 06:22 AM
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    Wow. That's all I've gotta say. Blossom Music Center was absolutely packed to the brim to see this show. Sammy came out and played some great stuff. He really did a lot with the crowd, wearing a Browns hardhat and an Indians jersey. How bout them waitresses, my fellow NE Ohio VH fans? Sammy's chops were great and the Waboritas really sounded good and tight. I like Mona's backup vocals (they kinda reminded me of Mikey's). Speaking of which, where the hell was Mikey anyway? I thought he was supposed to be there tonight. I can't remember the setlist right off hand, but it was pretty consistent with his previous shows. Played Runaround, WCTBL, Poundcake (without even attempting Eddie's drill intro), FWYS and a kinda weak version of Right Now. He also busted out Heavy Metal which sounded great. On the negative side, it really looked like he was trying to up Dave, showing clips from "Girls Gone Wild" during Poundcake, talking about getting both high and wasted just a little too much, plus a short infomercial for Cabo Wabo Tequila. All in all though Sammy sounded great, played great and looked great. One of his best performances in recent memory.
    If Sammy got the crowd to DefCon 4, Dave sent them into DefCon 1 in about 15 seconds. He absolutely blew the lid off the joint. He also sounded pretty darn good, much better than his festival stint last summer. Dave was into it from the get go, with amazing energy and stamina throughout the whole set. He took what, a 30 second break during the guitar solo before You Really Got Me? Dave also played So This Is Love? and Everybody Wants Some!! (I'd never heard those live before) which were really great. Dave's only solo song was Yankee Rose. I love all the Van Halen, but would throwing in a little bit of ALAE or Just Like Paradise hurt? Dave's band was phenominal. His new guitarist really shredded it up, but it just wasn't Eddie. He cloned Eddie pretty well except on the opening to Mean Street Dave's voice was in pretty good shape. He hit some high notes, didn't forget too many lyrics [img]smile.gif[/img] and looked like he was on cloud nine from the start. I loved all the spinning kicks and splits off the drum riser too. He's still in great shape. Also, some of those weird videos from his website/DVD made it onto the big screen during the show, but I really was too busy enjoying myself to care about them.
    From the VH front, Sammy made some brief jabs (literally) when he slapped/punched the 1995 Peavey cut out of Ed that was up in the bleacher section during his set. Dave said nothing bad about VH at all. Where was Mikey? I have no clue.
    All in all, it was a fabulous show from both performers. I'm a fan of both the Sammy and Dave eras of VH, but personally, I would give Dave the edge after round one. The crowd defintely liked Sammy, but everyone in the whole place was on their feet, dancing, singing and just rocking out the second Dave hit the stage. So, that's it, if I left out any important detail or if anybody has any important questions, let me know. It was definitely a religious experience.
    "And now for the benediction..."
    - DLR (Blossom 5/29/02)

    "It's a great day for Hockey."
    - "Badger" Bob Johnson

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    05.26.18 @ 02:22 AM
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    This review moved to the 5/29 review thread, located:

    Closing this down.
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